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  1. omg!! ive always wanted to know who that person was and how it all went. britneys image was the reason i got interested in studying marketing lol
  2. "i know that im living, but show me how to live" - Flags by Coldplay "See the forest there in every seed Angels in the marble waiting to be freed Just need love just need love" - Up&Up by Coldplay
  3. love london grammar <3 new album is coming this year
  4. thanks for your comment! i did actually comment i deleted it and asked for her apology, which she accepted. i ended up deleting that comment as well, because i felt so bad about the situation and yes it may look cowardly but we both know she accepted my apology. never in a million years did i expect her to reply to my silly comment, which i deeply regret theres no doubt about that.
  5. yeah i dont understand why she took the time to respond to my comment that i copied from someone else, that i then deleted. i was scared she'd come after me, can people on the internet actually do that?
  6. she actually responded to my comment which i deleted instantly and apologized for, it was stupid of me to write something along the lines that she is for the conship alledegly, even though i just copied what someone else had written before me...i was surprised she would respond to a random stranger but she did....and i dont like drawing attention on myself so i removed myself from the situation.
  7. got excited and thought she would be a nobody that will gradually built her way up the superstar ladder, but guess i was wrong, judging from her Wikipedia she has showbiz experience..thats sad though. are "normal" people not getting a chance at becoming popular from their bedroom/garage anymore? guess its a sign im getting older and not really understand Gen Z anymore...
  8. he is so hot! im currently binge watching Virgin River and i so would date him. also sweet how he talks about her <3
  9. ive also had it or im still recovering from mild symptoms how long did it take for you to feel "normal" again?
  10. while she might be uneducated, she is intelligent and a highly creative person. i feel many people confuse inteligence with education, right? if she would have been given the right tools, as in parents who support her emotional wellbeing, a proper school education and maybe put an emphasis on education and college for example, she could have used her potential much more.
  11. yes i also think she is, and honestly to have that trait is a gift in life, given you have the tools to deal with it. unfortunately she didnt have the right people around her to deal with that beautiful side of her personality, and we (im hsp too:) are prone to narc abuse, because we are the perfect victim. i hope shell cut ties with her entire toxic family and complete a trauma therapy to rebuilt her life..
  12. yes please something similar to Miley's "Plastic Heart" would be great. its such a stunning album!
  13. im so in line with this, just listened to this demo and im speechless, its unbelievably good, i love the vibe: so over the whole edm washed out sounds and cheesy ***kitten lyrics, enough already. i want a mature, experimental britney aka ray of light. its one of my facvourite albums, because it still sounds so fresh today and madonna dared to take a risk by working with an unknown underground electronica producer, she basically introduced the late 90s mainstream to electronica and explore deep subjects such as motherhood, spirituality...
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