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  1. britney didnt post this! what has to happen for people to understand shes not in charge of her sm because of the conship!!! daddy spears just confirmed in an article hes doin' everything he can to destroy #freebritney movement and the "damage" of framing britney. -> framing britney painted JT and JL in a negative way, because JL didnt participate in it...so go figure why "she" posted THAT pic with both of them and such a cringey description five days late. she basically says im not as strong as you are = i need a conship because im weak?! why tf would Britney ever post such BS??? who actually believes that. its her fathers PR move, because he can reach the most people via her Insta...
  2. why cant nobody around her see all through this? beyonce? madonna? her ex manager where r u at? help this woman out!! its so toxic, i cant
  3. can the OP please send this to the direcor of the new documentary and also the framing journalists?
  4. anyonymous needs to get to work asap!!!!!! im seriously scared at this point for her, and above all disgusted by this corrupt system. with all the media attention nothing is moving forwards positively for britney :( we need a divine intervention
  5. i really hope she'll get extensive healing trauma therapy once she's free. its nothing to feel shame about or embarrassment. imo people with experienced trauma history (developal) are deep people with a good heart who tend to change their profession, once they are on their healing journey, because theyve seen the other side and want to pass on that knowledge to people. Britney has that spiritual side inside her (from what she's "shown" on Insta or talked about in interviews before). I truly believe anyone with severe trauma issues can heal, when they are giving time and respecting and loving people with a big heart around them, who dont punish them but encourage their personal post traumatic growth. she needs to go no contact with her family after all of that. ofc that comes with a lot of grief, but it'll give, someone with her history, a lot of soothing.
  6. just curious, how does Anonymous work? like does someone instruct them who to "expose" ? and how powerful are they really?
  7. i cant wait for the day when britney will be free and give a sitting down tv interview and they show her "her" instagram account and the bizarre posts and she'll be like "WHUT???" "THATS WHAT THEY POSTED???" "WTF" and she sinks in her chair in embarrasment and disgust
  8. with narcassists (pathological, because that word gets thrown around a lot these days) its very common that they have a golden child and a scape goat..i guess you can figure out who of the sisters is who ;)
  9. some people prefer handwriting even today (me haha) i feel much more expressive writing on a piece of paper with a pen
  10. when will the netflix one be finally released? also why arent the big media outlets lurking on exhale, where the facts are at instead of printing whatever they are being fed by the snakes?
  11. its not creepy theres a story behind the woman in the pic. arghhhh thats literally the only method left for britney to communicate with the "world", posting very deep googled pictures.....WHEN WILL PEOPLE GET IT.
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