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  1. 1. Blackout 2. In the Zone 3. Britney 4. Glory 5. Femme Fatale 6. Baby One More Time 7. Oops I Did It Again 8. Circus 9. Britney Jean A few thoughts/explanations: I’m not mad at lists that swap Blackout and ITZ. I personally think Blackout is THE pinnacle, but agree that ITZ is also a masterpiece. Glory might be above Britney if the bonus tracks had been swapped out for the weaker album cuts. Femme/Baby/Oops are the hardest for me to rank. Femme is sleek and consistent, but I need to be in the mood. The first 7 tracks of Oops are pop heaven, but the 2nd half isn’t nearly as strong. Baby is above Oops for me because I find it more consistent (and I don’t want to hear from y’all haters of the iconic Email My Heart). Just because Circus is 8 doesn’t mean it’s bad or that I don’t like it. I just find it a bit more uneven than many of her other albums. And I’m not so obsessed with Unusual You, which I think gives the album an edge for many fans. Britney Jean is the only album in the discography that is... meh. I think it’s hard to argue it shouldn’t be at the bottom. Anyway - girl has two diamond certified albums in the US and over 100 million in sales worldwide. One of her albums is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Library. Critics just can’t deal that their favorite target is an iconic albums artist.
  2. Love the song, but the N-word has to go. Our radio stations always censored it, thankfully. I also love the Ain’t It Funny remix, but agree with @AGUILEGEND IS A QUEEN that the original is straight 🔥🔥🔥
  3. Missy! Never had a bad album, and her last full album was 2005. Her innovation is sorely missed.
  4. I’ve always viewed In The Zone as being something between a Ray of Light (Touch of My Hand, Breath on Me) and janet. (Early Morning) with some of her own spin. Blackout is her opus so far, which is great because it feels like it’s hard to compare it to anything. I wouldn’t write off future releases making a big impact though. If her cship status ever changes, people will be anxious to hear from her. And we know the queen can deliver.
  5. I just don’t get Bionic. I keep listening trying to see the light, but it sounds messy, and not in a fun way. Sorry, everyone! I’ll keep trying! Meanwhile, Stripped is her best album hands down.
  6. Me reading this and realizing I love some of the most despised songs. Now excuse me while I go listen to Email My Heart and Brave New Girl on loop.
  7. I’m so in. Thanks for setting this up @Slayer!
  8. Who knew that being forced to decide between Boys and MATM would take several years off my life? Also, there is a clear choice between the Overprotected videos and y’all better get it right.
  9. So many great options! A shame to cut off at the 90s though. Anyone else grow up with an oldies station? The 60s were peak girl group era!
  10. I love how @Jordan Miller keeps us abreast of all the latest thirst traps to hit the web.
  11. @Slayer You are an icon! Go get some well-deserved rest. I have a feeling the Circus megarate is going to be a trainwreck. Get ready for a #1 for Mmm Papi!
  12. Can we get the final list? I wanna show it to my boyfriend so we can laugh about it together.
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