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  1. Will Britney regain her freedom? The documentary Framing Britney has become the most watched/ discussed around the world. All this work of Britney's fans must have a happy ending.
  2. Every time when Britney is mentioned as having important achievements, Beyonce's fans jump the line, begin to discredit her with lies. As a hardcore Britney fan, I have to show up on defense. I am not lawyer, but I really care about Britney. She made my life happy. I never go to Beyoncé’s YouTube channel to make comments, is just her fans who attack Britney. Beyoncé out peaked Britney maybe in their deluded dreams. Taking some aspect in consideration, Britney still rules...without making music since 2016.
  3. Breatheheavy, Britney is also the best-selling female artist of the 21st century, according to TOP Chart Maters. When are you going to do an article about this?https://chartmasters.org/2020/05/cspc-mass-update-streaming/
  4. And What is Beyonce's consistency? Stealing everything from other artists? Beyonce is a scam that shouldn't even be added to the list for the simple fact that she has no originality. The greatness and value of an artist is determined by originality, impact and influence, and Beyonce has none of these qualities. Britney Spears has changed the music since her debut. Britney set some standards that could not be reached by any other female artist in the 21st century. Britney Spears managed to achieve in a decade what Beyonce did not achieve in two decades. What Beyonce is doing now, Britney has done even better before her. Britney was a true performer and the Driving force that led the game for a decade. Britney's videos are iconic: Baby one more time, Ops i did it again, Toxic, Slave of you, Womanizer. Beyonce has only one iconic video whose concepts have been copied from other artists. Beyonce is the biggest Hoax in the music industry who takes advantage of Jay Z's influential position ... to buy awards, titles and rankings. Billboard is a mess, it has no credit to make this kind of ranks. If people would voted i promise you that Britney would be on top 5 and Beyonce out of the list.
  5. Wikipedia is not a reliable source. Britney Spears is the best selling female artist of this century, not Rihanna, not Gaga. Dont confuse records with albums. Gaga, Rihanna, Taylor S has sold digital singles. Britney has sold albums more than any of those you mention it. If you want to find out just press this link. Top Chart Masters is one of the few reliable sources...https://chartmasters.org/2019/04/britney-spears-albums-and-songs-sales/
  6. Britney Spears is the best selling female artist of 21 century according to one of the most accurate/reliable sources Top Chart Masters. First album of Britney ousold all Gaga’s albums combined. https://chartmasters.org/2019/04/britney-spears-albums-and-songs-sales/
  7. Britney is the best selling artist woman which debuted on the past 25 years and the most successful as well. Dont believe Billboard or Wikipedia, they inflate Numbers for each artisthttps://chartmasters.org/2019/04/britney-spears-albums-and-songs-sales/
  8. Billboard and Wikipedia are not reliable sources, Britney had sold 176 milions records the equivalent of 110 milions albums, Rihanna has 93 milions albums equivalent . Britney sold albums, Rihanna sold digital singles. https://chartmasters.org/2019/04/britney-spears-albums-and-songs-sales/
  9. Britney has sold 76 milions albums+20 milions psihicaly singles+80 milions digital singles=176 milions records the equivalent of 110 albums. Rihanna has sold 160 milions digital singles+28 milions albums...which is the equivalent of 93 milions albums.https://chartmasters.org/2019/04/britney-spears-albums-and-songs-sales/
  10. If YOU really want to see How much Britney has sold you just press the link...Not Wikipedia, not Billboard who inflates the Numbers of each artistshttps://chartmasters.org/2019/04/britney-spears-albums-and-songs-sales/She is the best selling female artist of this century.
  11. Wikipedia is not a reliable source. Britney Spears is the best selling female artist of this century, not Rihanna. Britney has a lot of more albums sales than any other female artist on new millenium. Rihanna is the best selling mainstream artist but not the best selling of century.https://chartmasters.org/2019/04/britney-spears-albums-and-songs-sales/
  12. Britney start to flop when she dropped Jive and signed with RCA for the last two albums. I think is much better for her to release singles, rather then make albums. I am sad because she can’t have enough control over her life and career.
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