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  1. Making jokes and having/expressing a personal opinion about somebody are two different things. You can express your opinion respectfully without mocking somebody.
  2. Because jokes should be funny for both sides. If one side is voicing her concern and has said many times, this topic is not funny to her, how do they expect she will react? Specially after making a documentary with her, Netflix is very much aware how she feels, then why do that? This script got through many rounds of approval and nobody notice that?
  3. The joke is bad and she is right to be upset. It is not funny. I am actually shocked to read comments saying she "needs to get laid" wth, that is none of your business. Also cannot complain about how B was treated and then treat other artists bad, that is not okay. The world needs to be nicer to all, not just our faves.
  4. I live in germany and the pension amounts are really low compared to how strong the economy of the country is and how high the salaries are. I think the average is 1.400 USD and many people have private pension plans to complement it. Many elderly struggle, really shocking.
  5. I am just saving but without investing, it is too high risk for me. But sometimes i play the lotery in spain, during Christmas holidays. I plan to retire in spain anyway because I can move my employment history through the EU. Many people from the UK and Germany do that.
  6. Congratulations to her! I think she is an amazing actress.
  7. I have to stan Kim Kaiman, seriously, for a marketing director who already has a long career...to become a public face...must not be easy. Respect! Regarding Billy, i think he made very good points specially the most important one: "Britney's human rights were taken away".
  8. Thank you for sharing. Haha It is still bad but better than the original, those classy lyrics I am sorry i cannot get on board with those artists and their bad vocabulary, destroying the language.
  9. Thank you for sharing. I like the remix and the dancer's moves, but not B's part. She is barely dancing.
  10. He called him "Larry the red nose liar" and also mentioned "I felt like showeing after listening to Rudolph - in a behind closed door mettings - its gross callus oppotunist type situation." when talking about the leaked Make me music video.
  11. I recall talking to my dad about it. I asked him if he knew what it meant and he mentioned it would probably be for a while, just to help her back on track. I mean, we were assuming her life was in danger and it was just temporary to help her. Pobre ilusa - as we would say in spanish.
  12. Oh i cannot see the video :C . I don't trust him at all. I think the fact that Britney allegedly fired him 3 times says a lot. Also, in the Britney leaks emails she mentions that letting him enter to her hotel room (circa 2007) was a huge mistake. Besides that, let's not forget what David LaChapelle said on instagram about him...
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