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  1. Those messages on her insta story broke my heart to hear cause I love her so much & she is so talented & deserves better. Songs like WAP gets all this publicity & rappers like Cardi & tekashi get all this success & coverage while azealia is overlooked & ignored tho I do believe part of it is her attitude which has put people off but I think she’s only like that cause she’s always felt undervalued in her industry. Her music is so good & she’s way better than all these current rap girls hands down & she knows it & to see them flourishing while she’s stagnant is prob hard for her. Also she’s had issues with producers taking money earned from her first album & moving after breaking up with her bf. Shes going thru it rn.
  2. Bless his heart if this ban actually happens tiktok is the most annoying cringey thing & it’s creepy af when I see people on social media reposting tiktoks of tween beckys dancing like strippers in bathing suits to horrible rap music. Do you know how many pedos are prob on that app? They really need to get rid of it.
  3. Boring & she’s just using the blm movement for her own personal gain. She really think she’s some messiah or something it’s nauseating. I wish the media would stop gassing her up when everyone knows none of this black is king was of her doing & it’s whatever artist director she hired. Her level of creativity peaked when she came up with Bootylicious.
  4. Yeah, or whoever Gaga working with. She can thank Kesha for her new bubbling under career.
  5. Anna will never be forgotten she’s an icon 💗
  6. my fav track from ITZ, it is so so soo good even in 2020 still a banger. I personally think ITZ is her best album.
  7. Let people do what they want with their body/pictures/appearance? You can simply not follow them & not do/promote whatever it is they do that you think is wrong. Simple. If you think it’s setting a bad example then if you have kids teach them to not believe everything they see on the mothe****ing internet? Christ. People act like photoshop & airbrushing & make up haven’t already been used in media for the last how many decades? It’s nothing new. Grow up & get a life & stop being affected by what rich celebs you don’t know & don’t pay your rent do. Dumbasses.
  8. Girl & how you think Michelle feels? Lol Beyoncé’s dad started & managed that group of course she was gonna be the main attraction. He picked two less attractive & talented members as her backup.
  9. Xtina really was ahead of her time & inspired all these girls and their circus aesthetics.
  10. I will get both & support my queen. The hardcover is only 25$ but doesn’t come out till late September ugh ;<
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