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  1. I think the biggest thing to blame here is that the album is pretty unremarkable and uninspired. She still has a huge following on social media, and while she doesn't necessarily have as many diehard fans as she used to, I think if she released good music and promoted it correctly (unlike NRO -- which deserved to be a top 5 hit), she could be back on the top of the charts again. Unfortunately, Smile is a very... soft album with songs that don't really resonate with the general public right now. Overall, it's a very positive album -- which is clearly what she was going for -- but between singing about only having "Champagne Problems" now and how it's "Not The End Of The World," it feels a bit out of touch with what most people are experiencing right now during a global pandemic. Not The End Of The World is also giving me Hannah Montana "Nobody's Perfect" vibes -- sounds like a great song for children, but most adults would prefer something that's a bit more real than "you can make a wish even on a satellite," and "you can take a frown, turn it all the way around". Katy should have had Zedd as the primary producer on the album -- her previous songs with him were great, and even if 365 didn't do great on the charts, more music like that would've made for a great album compared to songs like "Resilient" and "Not The End of the World," that feel like filler tracks. She might not see #1 again, but she can climb the charts again if she works with the right people.
  2. Of course. Was just meant to emphasize that it feels like she's been pregnant for so long (thanks to time going by slower with COVID).
  3. Anyone think this is her attempt at a "Reputation" era? Similar to how Taylor used the snake, Katy might just be using the clown to say she's in on the joke. She was made out to be a clown in the Witness era, and she's giving the middle finger to the haters. She seems happier, healthier, and delivering the best vocals of her career in this era. The music she has released in the last few months have all been solid songs (though, not radio smash hits). I think she knows exactly what she's doing and has better control (personally) over her career than ever before. Full disclosure: While I'm a Katycatclown, I haven't been on board with everything she's done (not promoting Never Really Over was such a miss, and the Witness era was a mess). That being said, I think she's killing it in this era -- considering we're in the middle of a pandemic and she's like 13 months pregnant, still hard at work. ✌🏼
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