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  1. I'm gonna be honest when you mentioned a "ceremony" for Glory I was like 'oh lord, please not this, just release the results in one go' but it was actually SO FUN. the madonna subreddit can learn a thing or two from you because their occasional attempts at keeping the sub alive with these kinds of rates has been to no avail. i reeeeally tried to be fair to britney jean it wasn't easy. i'm curious as to what the end result scores are going to be. I think it's obvious with this which song will be #1 so the mystery of the bottom dozen will be fun
  2. @BABY BEATRIZ does this event mean we just stream it on the music platforms to get it to chart?
  3. Excellently put!!! Despite any opinions of the album songs, it was an amazing era for fans. In retrospect I’m a little shocked just how quickly and intensely she was thrusted back into her old touring lifestyle
  4. I feel like people give Blackout too much credit. Yes it’s an amazing album but it wasn’t as revolutionary as people make it seem. The hype of Britney releasing something mid-“breakdown” definitely amped its status up and we go into it a little biased I would say. It’s not me hating on Blackout, I think if I had to rank her albums Blackout would be #1 but I have to admit that it’s not just the music, it’s also the nostalgia and memories that come with it, the sense of fervent rooting for the underdog. With the exception of BJ I think Britney did give us the best she could give during those other years and the albums were great at the time. Not everything is going to age well and that goes for all musicians. Glory was actually a great album in my opinion! Not generic for the most part. I can’t see her setting any music trends though at this point. Maybe! You never know, but I just don’t think the world is that receptive to her as an artist as opposed to as a stage performer.
  5. this 'flowers in hair and secrets in eyes' instagram post (i don't know how to embed an ig post sorry) page 21 of this pdf has the quote she posted and there's some more to it. it sounds like something she might possibly relate to. i like to think of us reading into her posts as silly conspiracies but week by week it's seeming more and more odd. there is no way anyone on earth commented those questions on any of her social media, idk what kind of PR move her team was thinking this would be
  6. keeping up with that energy, my contribution is: oh my gosh some of you guys are babies 😮😄(who am i to speak, i was on exhale as a 12 year old) and some of you guys are so old (maybe not that old sorry, everyone older than me is "so old")!!! Lol what a diverse group side note, yesterday and before yesterdays playlists are amazing
  7. Their interviews are always so great!! This was so funny. 1:05 that was shocking to see, she must feel very comfortable around him
  8. I came across this info a few days ago too!! After some investigating it seemed like just a rumor
  9. heaven on earth, don’t hang up, trip to your heart, if I’m dancing– all great choices. It’s hard to pick one but I’m throwing Man On The Moon into the mix. Her breathy voice and the violins are just beautiful in this song and definitely give me a heaven feel/vibe @AmorProhibido @ColdAsFire88 @OnlyFacts @JSDSandiego you guys mentioned all my other contenders of dreamy Britney songs 😄
  10. OMG haven't thought about that season in ages actually!! Winner in my heart was Alyssa as soon as she popped that leg
  11. love most of the 80s hits but this one really does it for me
  12. Have any of you guys ever met Britney?
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