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  1. - Lady Gaga is amazing but she has not had a good song since Born this Way. I truly believe she’s tricking everyone into thinking she has good music. And everyone’s pretending to like it because they like her as a person.
  2. Ariana will be more remembered and take a similar path as Britney, Gaga etc. Whereas I think Katy will have less staying power as she becomes a legacy act. However, Katy’s peak is bigger than Arianas (at the moment). I could see that changing though if Ariana keeps it up for another 2-3 years. Katy was big enough to do the Super Bowl, I feel like Ariana isn’t there yet. I just don’t think Katy was ever as interesting to the public as many of her counterparts. just my take!
  3. I don’t think she deserved any backlash. However, I do think LGBT community (which I’m a part of) is hyper sensitive due to the hate we have endured throughout our lives through the media, family etc. so now that we are finally being treated equally, it’s like, many people feel they don’t want to lose that. i think it’s good intentions on both sides
  4. Agree with you. I support BLM message though and support peaceful protest but I agree. This is unfair to everyone at this point. It’s also not lost on me that people are choosing to burn down the most liberal cities in the country. Why? Most of those citizens support legislation that prevent the very things you are protesting!
  5. I’m thrilled it did so well. It should show her that she still has massive love and support!
  6. This is ridiculous. We all lived in a different climate in 2004. Things that are brought up 15 years later when people weren’t aware that these matters weren’t openly as sensitive is not fair. If it was now, ok- I get the point bc there is awareness. we have gotten too far off track with this stuff. People need to zero in on the real enemies.
  7. Apparently the Dallas business owner didn’t die And he is just in critical condition. I can’t watch the video but had to look it up. What the **** is the world coming to. I get burning down the police station (if that) but nearly murdering people because of a murder is completely hypocritical, disgusting and counter productive.
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