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  1. So who is in right? The actress? Just googled and it is lot to take in. Looks like she is picking a fight with everyone in the industry.
  2. Ha ha. Not promoting Little Mix. Do like their song "Holiday" though 😂 But listen to the lyrics. It is so Britney!!!!
  3. I just came across to Little Mix's new song titled "Not a pop song". The majority of lyrics feel like was written for Britney. Any thoughts fellow Exhalers?
  4. I read it online somewhere. Some actor died during lockdown. Started from there. And some actress is fighting quite actively against nepotism? Read it on bbc i think.
  5. Of course they want this now. In the previous occasions, there was always an issue of "technical" problems whenever there was a virtual meeting decided. Even the 10yo kids I tutor know how to attend Zoom calls and in this day and age, to say there is "technical" issue is like saying I cannot wear corset due to my "body issue" in 1700s. So they know Britney will feel anxious and nervous during the hearing. They know she is socially awkward and is a shy person. They know she is different in person than how the Britney, the superstar is we all see on screen. It is just their ploy to make Britney feel guilty and small because infront of her "papa" Britney will probably crumble and they know it. It is common reaction when faced to your abuser. I am speaking it from my own personal experience that I had to endure for 28 plus years of my life from my own uncle and most of the family members. Even now am in a better place and don't see them much, whenever I am in their presence, I still crumble. My confidence goes to zero. Even though I know I am stronger now but whenever they ask something, I go "ok, will do it" without thinking twice. I am still learning not to let them have this kind of hold over me. But it's difficult. So I can only imagine how Britney must feel when the whole world is watching and judging her and her abusers have been portraying her as a "crazy" person for this long.
  6. The more I think about this whole situation, the more I believe it is a case of Stockholm Syndrome or at least what the Con party thought were aiming for. Stockholm syndrome doesn't only apply to "kidnap" situation. It can be in any abusive household where a victim is made believe that the person in power is their only saviour and hence there is no escape so only way to survive is to comply to the situation by believing the lies they are fed and that is only possible by stripping a person off their dignity, self belief, reputation and hope. That's exactly what they have done to Britney. But even with that syndrome, the victim snaps at one point. This is Britney's point. It's like a rubber. It is extendable but will snap after a certain threshold. I have never been so proud to be Britney's stan. She is a proper trooper. She will win this battle if we, soldiers, stand right by her side and fight along with her.
  7. He looks like someone who cries after ***. Plus feels like he has a very bony d**k. Sexyback is a bop though.
  8. Me Against The Music should have been no 1. Still don't get it why it was not no. 1. I mean Britney's attitude and dance itself deserves all the awards.
  9. It's our absolute jam in my friends circle. It is part of pop culture now. "You want to move out from your parents house? You gotta work *****. You want to pay for membership on Grindr? You gotta work *****." So it has actually aged like a fine wine. Actual bop.
  10. Clearly paid by team CON. Good luck collecting that cheque.
  11. You are clearly a troll. What do you have to gain from all these posts? It is baffling and pathetic.
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