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  1. The power and influence of Beyonce is undeniable. She works her arse off in everything she puts her fingers in. However, her whole "representing African/black culture" and cashing on it, was and is getting bit problematic. And finally someone finally called her out. Beehive, please take your swarms to some swamp, if you are offended by this. Read the article here: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2020/06/nigerian-model-drags-beyonce-on-social-media-for-culture-misrepresentation/amp/
  2. .No disrespect to her and her talent but c'mon everyone knows Beyonce is an opportunist, which I guess is not a bad thing. So good on her. But she needs to stop coping other artist's work and claiming them as her own. She was sued for Formation and now she is being sued by another Jamaican artist ( google it) just couple of days ago. A week ago, it was also reported Tidal had inflated her Lemonade album's stream numbers and is currently under investigation. And they are just couple of mentions. She gets sued for songs than any other artists. But good on her for supporting BLM movement and being the "saviour" again. Good for not giving credits for the artists who she happily stole from. #Truthmatters
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