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  1. I think they are not disclosing her true net worth for obvious reasons. Remember, sales of her perfumes alone are over a BILLION...
  2. It’s just that ‘THAT’ song came first before the BLM issue. There was no connection whatsoever so I didn’t get your point.
  3. So fake. This is nothing more than an erotic story. Sorry...
  4. She should really think hard about her next release and make an epic comeback. Maybe snatch the record back from Adele for the largest first week sales by a Female Artist. 2000-ney needs to get resurrected big time!
  5. Either the Wonder Girls - The First EVER Kpop Act to debut in the Billboard Charts, made history and paved the way for Kpop to be known worldwide: Legend to Legend collaboration! or one of the former members, Yubin - she dances and raps like insanely good. I like Sunmi but she won’t be able to keep up with all the hard choreo.
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