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  1. Trishas cool I just hate everything she says and does regarding Britney
  2. You don’t want it... !!! Thank you for the responses.. thought this would just fade away like most of my posts. What if Britney was bringing all this weird happenings to life to her family and they thought she was crazy when I’m reality she was going through a scary scary time. That is what people don’t want to hear... I hate conspiracy theories but there is some stuff you just can’t explain... love how some mentioned Madonna and the cabal books.. y’all are smart !!! Than you bring in songs like Mona Lisa, rebellion.. that have been shunned.. the producer of rebellion... etc. etc.
  3. I like that type of close together synchronized choreography
  4. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CLyU504JWtb/?igshid=1bf4mavz20dp4 Did anybody else see this..? about Britney inviting a “spiritual healer” to her old house and Britney had told her friends that she thought the person opened an evil portal in her house and the spirits were trying to hurt Britney? Wtf and I guess Britney moved and liked to live in a hotel after that and also I think Brittany Murphy moved into and died in that house along with her husband... the cause was black mold but many people believe the evil could have caused that..
  5. I think the director said Britney herself wanted to be in the movie but Larry wouldn't let her LOL
  6. I noticed that right away but I don’t even mention theories anymore .. everything is in gods hands
  7. I thought this was Perfect if Britney learned it thoroughly and served a solid performance it would be the best in YEARS. I love the close choreo, the choreo actually being hip hop moves and matching the song.. it’s quality
  8. she has probably been threatened and or signed something that keeps her from truly speaking up.. an NDA on herself basically
  9. I've thought it was going to do her worse mental damage in the long run.. and I'm not sure I thats true but its time to end it. put that chapter to rest, she needs to live her life.. she is being treated like a trophy put in a glass case.
  10. at the last Britney concert I went to I almost screemed LARRY when I saw him backstage but then I said EW no just mind to myself because he has enabled this terror in Britney's life as well.. I used to like him but not anymore
  11. glory is top notch production wise, and even her vocal serves... I hadn't heard that type of passion from Britney in a while.. but the next album will be full of songs that britney has control over, her vision, her creativity... whether its commercial or not... she had the main idea for BOMT outfits and concept, she is smart and we love her because she offers more than an image, she offers creativity and visions. (and the truth) .. it will be interesting and life changing to see where SHE takes her brand... it will BE all HER.. and thats what everybody wants... organic Britney.. like Mona Lisa, Rebellion... etc...
  12. I sense a circus type hype and a few singles doing okay, but fans will get some deep cuts that will last for a lifetime...
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