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  1. I’m 24. I’ve been a Britney stan since I could remember. Running around my house singing toxic and being completely shook watching the video on MTV. I’ve followed her my whole life. I remember the tremendous scrutiny she went through 2006-2008 and always rooted for her even when I was like 10. Honestly her aging the way she is can be helped (from a cosmetic standpoint) I do not mind those wrinkles around her eyes (obvious it’s lack of preventative suncare) but she should get new veneers and definitely dissolve those permanent fillers in her lips... Her management should’ve never encouraged her to get that filler... and stop the smudged eye makeup. But some days she looks more fresh than others, if anything the make up change can help her natural beauty
  2. That’s my girl!!! Loveeeee saweetie, she’s definitely GIVING with this flow and serving such a cute look in this video. She has so many bops, she deserves a #1
  3. It’s crazy how tremendously gorgeous she looks when she combs her hair (somewhat) and doesn’t smudge her eye makeup. She looks literally 10 years younger 🥺💕
  4. If we are going to be completely and 100% honest. The truth behind the fall of her career.... she cut her hair and went blonde. The dramatic change in looks. As superficial as that sounds, it’s facts. She cut her hair, and made songs that weren’t her style and didn’t resonate with her fans and locals as much as she anticipated.
  5. God... of course BTS is in the lead. Nothing against kpop but ugh nothing interesting about it!!! C’mon people vote for Dua Lipa and Chloe x Halle
  6. I really wish she quit that bizarre hand shaking thing. The girl is having fun.... but still, she should at least have some sense of rhythm.
  7. YES! Yay I’ve been waiting for this day... as much as cancel culture can be so problematic and taken way too far.... homeboy is so disgusting, I’ve been wanting him cancelled. He’s so unhygienic, gross, and pushing 35 bullying and creating a false narrative of a 19 year old (James Charles). Let’s cancel Jeffree next, that ***** is also problematic and needs to but kicked of his high horse. 🥰💜
  8. Yikes... seems like their label decided that this would be the single to raise their stardom to the top again.... with a re-up of their old ****. It’s not a grower, and it’s not good
  9. Thank you. All these woke people online and suburban gays truly do not know how far back this culture is. 70s80s blacks and Mexicans have been living together in this street culture in queens/Bronx. This is how they speak, this is the culture. The old heads don’t give a ****, and this is how their kids speak. Nicki knows it too, but she’s trying to bring it back bc she knows the political correctness thats currently trending right now.
  10. Lol the comments... of course a bunch of Madonna / Britney loving gays would not have anything to contribute to OP’s conversation.
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