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  1. I always think this. The only pop girl currently that has anything is Dua, because of her aesthetics in terms of songs and music videos. Other than her, everyone is so d*mn borrinngg! Where’s the star power of Janet and Britney? Like these singers offer us bland personalities... yasss girl give us NOTHING
  2. I’m happy she’s mean because she doesn’t tolerate annoying stans flooding her comments... I kinda Stan it
  3. I think it’s more so he was sort of the boy next door cute guy when a lot of us were younger - now he’s grown and still ****.... lol
  4. Well whatever team she had for the revival era, she needs it again bc her newer **** is trash.... revival was her only good album
  5. The fact she served us so well in this shoot... compared to her terribly wigged out shoot for vogue (which was offensive) I’m so gagged at the gorgeousness of these looks UGH
  6. Cannot stand this bizarre liberal pro-fat agenda, like.... being overweight is unhealthy. Granted, no one deserves to be bullied for their body but like... healthy??? What a reach
  7. Lol they’re not even alike. Why even bother comparing them to each other when their artistry is so different? They’re both pop, sure, but when it comes to disco pop - they both do their thing differently
  8. Songs for you is her best work, most creative and she definitely found her sound with that album. She’s tried r&b, dance, and pop. This album is a combination of all 3, she found her sound and what her identity is with that album and it shows
  9. 4/10....? 😂 yeah that’s like an F on a 10pt quiz... I’ll happily disagree. Could understand a 7/10 maybe 6.
  10. At this point she’s just going to be known for her house interior and getting pregnant all the time.... honestly, everyone has a right to have a child but this world is already overpopulated and there’s millions of children and babies without love and families.. it’s selfish in my opinion
  11. Loveeee this art!!! So aesthetic, so her style - gorgeous and minimalist
  12. And what proof do you have ?? None, you don’t know her lol. Y’all act like you know ever aspect of her, all you know is the bs you read online. Granted, yes, there needs to be a free Britney movement. But the hate isn’t called for.
  13. You guys are seriously ruining Britney’s life with your bizarre twitter/forum conspiracies and attacking people who personally know Britney. It’s so ******* strange, like people who personally know her are beggin y’all to stop with the banter online - then you attack that person. you guys do NOT KNOW what Britney is going through. You don’t know her personally, and you never will babe. Stop acting like y’all are Sherlock Holmes. Y’all are a bunch of gays with too much time on your hands disguising your invasion of privacy as “care” for britney. The woman has been through enough, the last thing she needs is a bunch of people constantly flipping the script about her situation.
  14. Many things... first and foremost, her drastic look reinvention did not sit well with locals. It wasn’t that attractive. Miley’s drastic hair change for bangerz was a success, but when Katy did it - I’m sure as hell its completely the reason she lost the likeability. None of the songs were produced that well, except Bon Appetit and Swish swish. also the songs didn’t hit as hard as prism. The change in look, and the weirdly produced synth electro sound wasn’t for the people
  15. I’m 24. I’ve been a Britney stan since I could remember. Running around my house singing toxic and being completely shook watching the video on MTV. I’ve followed her my whole life. I remember the tremendous scrutiny she went through 2006-2008 and always rooted for her even when I was like 10. Honestly her aging the way she is can be helped (from a cosmetic standpoint) I do not mind those wrinkles around her eyes (obvious it’s lack of preventative suncare) but she should get new veneers and definitely dissolve those permanent fillers in her lips... Her management should’ve never encouraged her to get that filler... and stop the smudged eye makeup. But some days she looks more fresh than others, if anything the make up change can help her natural beauty
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