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  1. What 5 singles do you think are Britney’s best? I know very hard to choose, but I would like to hear everyone else’s favorites. My top 5 are the following: -Gimme More -Toxic -Get Back -Slave 4 U -Piece of Me So hard to limit to five 😕
  2. What non-single should had a release and MV? My favorite is Showdown Other two are Get Back I’ve Just Begun Having My Fun
  3. I always forget about Crazy. That was my second favorite dance routine with a chair after Stronger 😂😂
  4. Circus is pretty good, but I like Overprotected and Boys more
  5. What is everyone’s three favorite dancing music videos of Britney? Here are mine: Overprotected (Darkchild remix) Slave 4 U Me Against the Music
  6. That Chris Cox Megamix is fire too 🔥🔥
  7. Sorry guys this is my first topic post! I do like the Crazy “stop remix” as well, but feel like it the original song for me lol 😂😂. Also, anything with Britney and Danja slays for me!
  8. What is everyone’s favorite Britney remix? Mine are: Britney and Lil’ Kim- Gimme More “Kimme More” remix Toxic (Peter Rauhofer remix) Slave 4 U (Dave Aude remix)
  9. Maybe she is releasing the new cover of Glory and Mood Ring because she plans on dropping B10 after her cship ends in August. She is smarter than people give her credit for.
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