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  1. OMG! Guys ya'll are so rude and mean towards, Katherine!! How dare ya'll OFCOURSE she can sell out an arena* *Only if the arena was the size of this
  2. I'd say a culmination of over-exposure, her being excessively mean towards a lot of her peers (including Brit), two back to back terrible albums. It's pretty evident that success went to her skull and she became massively c-o-cky and lets be real karma does catch up eventually. Won't lie, i used to really like her music initially, she came across as a hardworking, talented girl but those constant public disses against Brit were the final nail in the coffin for me (not that she stopped on Brit, there can be a long list of instances of her being downright c-un-ty), and I know a lot of people who she rubbed the wrong way because of all this. Can she stage a comeback to catapult her to her initial level? Highly unlikely but not impossible but I do hope these last few years of irrelevancy humble her down. I for one, won't ever be a fan.
  3. Well looking at how her last two albums have fared, forget news, people have let her pass
  4. Love, love, LOVE the song!! Absolute club banger indeed. plus Brit served so hard in the video Say whatever you want about the guy, but Will.i.am ruled the industry at one point and i'm thankful to him as a Brit fan for this worldwide chart smasher. PS: The song was HUGE her in India as well
  5. Someone teach her the act of letting go She really doesn't understand that too much exposure is eventually just bad exposure. Who cares though about this flop B-lister
  6. She is extremely talented, a decent actor and a self-made woman, credit where due. BUT, i am sick and tired of celebrities painting this fake image for people, specially, young impressionable minds. Lets get real, her beauty is captivating but most definitely NOT real. I'd rather have these people (who already are mega loaded with money), speak about the work they get done (nothing wrong with it, if I had the money, i would too) than sell this quench for unrealistic beauty standards. I worry about Brit too when we see her "unkept" (whatever that means in the sense of the beauty standards that we've been fed) but hey, atleast she look, for a lack of a better word, normal on her instagram. Don't come at me with the oh she also has done tone of work on her face, as i said that perfectly acceptable but atleast she shows the normal side, for people to relate to. I sure as wish miss these other beauty entrepreneurs celebs did too.
  7. Very unlikely, in my opinion. I mean she literally promoted her last album like a desperate maniac and look what it got her
  8. Why do we keep adding they while reporting about him? Genuine question, no shade or anything maybe i'm misinformed about something.
  9. Good for her! Also, so freaky to think how she went from a megastar to a borderline B act, flop starlet in such a short span. Makes one realise the power of a megastar like Brit
  10. This was so mature and well spoken. Kudos to you @Jordan Miller. Loved how you articulated everything, specially the be respectful to her family bit, which I 100% agree with. Screw people dissing this website infront of you, I am sure that would have sucked but always remember you have a lot of people (including me) who love you and are grateful for all the efforts you put in. Cheers man!
  11. I really like Miley, but this like, Gimme More, is too big a song to cover...
  12. Wow, the level of desperation for relevancy is unreal. Time for another flop. Lets go
  13. Saw all the videos, and was hit by a train of nostalgia and happiness. I'm sure Chester is smiling somewhere right now
  14. I remember not liking it on the first listen but man, this song has grown so hard on me! Not to forget, Giorgio had nothing but amazing things to say about our girl (just like majority of the music industry) Wish they'd done a video, pictured a moody video with Brit driving across the Malibu coastline, singing .. nothing too flashy. Oh well
  15. Whatever sails his boat, i guess... Perez, however, is still one of the vilest, mean spirited person I have ever seen in pop culture.
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