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  1. Wow 2020 exposing all racist actions of celebrity's and youtubers
  2. He needs to chill out, and maybe if he wants to get educated and have open conversation about Exhales difference of opinion regarding Free Britney, then i think people would be more open towards him. However if he continues as is then
  3. Agreed, i thought the same. However its for a great cause, so i dont mind being a fake american for this
  4. And tbh you should, shes really not thinking about her sister at this point. She probably believes all the lies, and they don't even seem that close anymore
  5. Agreed, Lemonade was overrated, and a mess of a album. Her last good album was I am Sasha Fierce, and even then you could see the dip in quality. Beyonce has got absorbed in herself, and her "image" instead of making actual good music. In-fact lets just say the truth: BEYONCE IS OVERRATED!
  6. Your mother should of swallowed, instead of having you
  7. No, i live in Europe and was able to sign it. All you need to do after is remember the verification from your email. Otherwise your signature isnt counted
  8. We really need to get it into mainstream, so more people understand the reasoning as to why were are fighting so hard for Free Britney. It's not because we are all thinking we are right by default, its due to the fact Britney is stable enough to do tours and music, and not act outlandishly or being a threat to herself or others. A C-Ship is totally unnecessary now, it WAS necessary when first done. But now its basically manipulating a system used for vulnerable people to turn a profit on Britney's name. Bipolar is manageable and doesn't need a c-ship, she just needs the right medical professionals around her, that look at what she wants and what she needs. Not at a montierary level She has proved, she doesn't need it now. And that speaks volumes that she SHOULDN'T be under it.
  9. Playing this song out loud, kicks away the disasters of 2020 so far!
  10. Yeah the dynamic between them actually felt like a Sister/Familial bond. It had a great diversity in episode content too, ranging from Slice of Life, Comedy and downright deep and depressing. Piper had the best character arc in any TV show back then. From being timid, reliant on Prue and sometimes more docile to becoming a strong independent woman who looks after her family, and heads the charmed ones. I haven't sat down and watched the reboot of Charmed, but from clips i have seen they miss that Sister Bond. I liked the later seasons of Buffy/Angel. With Faith and Illyria being some of my favorites. But for me Buffy was an "okay" series, it never reached what charmed reached for me.
  11. Love it! Really creative! Nice one Dua! God i love her album
  12. Katys reason for changing the name, is she doesn't want to fade out of the GP mind alone. As the saying goes: "If im going down, im taking you with me" Jokes aside, the name change gave me a laugh, just like her career
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