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  1. https://www.eonline.com/news/106550/jamie-spears-squashes-britney-fansite It's funny seeing old sources like this. Feels like yesterday, feels ancient.
  2. Yeah something about this has very “sneak out to drop Mona Lisa” vibes, but I believe in her strength and I believe everyone will get through this together and anyone who has harmed her will pay. If “Project Rose” isn’t some foreboding code, then I can’t wait for her to drop her quarantine project!
  3. I know lots of people have been face swapping with Britney clips...but I saw an ad on insta for a face swap app called “Reface.” It had the caption “EVEN BRITNEY IS USING REFACE” with some random face on her videos. At the end, they had what looked like a knockoff of Britney’s signature under the app’s name. Now, I’m assuming Britney is not in a partnership with this app. Please correct me if I’m wrong. If I am correct in my thinking, I don’t like seeing other people/companies capitalize on her without her consent/voice/making money. She already gets that enough. At the same time, Sam posted a video of him face swapping and then Britney reposted! So maybe she did somehow get involved? Using her name and likeness without her involvement would be illegal. I also remember when that guy tried to make “who is it?” shirts and they pulled that real quick and then made their own. So they obviously look for these sort of things. Yet, she and Sam posted? The app is free, but there are in app purchases. And certainly they wouldn’t get all the downloads if they were just stealing iconic videos, such as Brit’s. (Again, if it is stolen and not licensed.) That’s all. That’s the post. Thoughts if you have them. —CC
  4. @RadicalMedia produced it, but Sony Records’ name was on it too. It was distributed by MTV, but idk what rights MTV has. They do throwback video streams because they bought out rights to music videos back in the day in perpetuity, so they don’t have to pay to air Crazy in Love, Toxic, etc....but idk about For the Record! Also, her managers were in every scene, like hawks, outside of the sit down interviews with her. And who knows how many people were on the other side of the camera when it was just her. It was crazy to see Jamie so much. Britney called him an a-hole, he made her children cry on Halloween, he tries to take her phone and they scream at each other, tells her she’s wearing hooker heels, and Britney makes fun of him by impersonating him yelling at Britney and her brother as kids. I mean, all family’s have their issues. Yet it was clear from him talking about how Circus came to be, that he didn’t feel in control. He was ‘allowing’ it to get her out of the house and then “my gosh, now we are shooting a video!” One of the saddest parts, for me, was when she was flirting with a boy and she gets his number...but then talks about how it just wouldn’t be possible with her current life, and she has to wake up from it like from a Dream. She has always wanted to just be free and come and go as she pleases. The whole thing is just very insightful and interesting to watch. Then, I’m sure, and especially now.
  5. Just watched the whole thing. I didn’t realize how prevalent Jamie was during the film!
  6. Like 200_ thru 201_? She doesn’t seem to, anymore. —J
  7. ...who’s music videos are number 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 16, 66, & 68 on iTunes?
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