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  1. Man of the woods is definitely Justin's Lotus for Christina for sure
  2. I'm gonna go in chronological order since thats how my brain works haha Baby one more time Born to make you happy Stronger What U See Is What U Get Overprotected Lonely I Run Away Breathe On Me Toxic Gimme More Toy Soldier Womanizer Unusual You Til The World Ends He About To Lose Me Make Me Mood Ring
  3. For me its 1 & 2 ITZ & Blackout interchangeable depending on the day 3. Britney 4. Femme Fatale 5. Glory (love it all. Amazing songs, but to me it feels incohesive. Like the tracks don't fit together. ) 6. Oops 7. Baby 8. Circus (would be higher if bonus and deluxe etc tracks were on there instead of a lot of what made the album) 9. Britney Jean
  4. I've been a viewer of this board for a long time and I honestly can't remember if I've ever posted so this may be my first post. AGREE 100000000%.
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