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  1. She doesn't release music for five years now. So, as a birthday gift and a way of spending time during lockdown, I put some thought in all her discography, and regrouped her singles and some personal favourites into 8 youtube playlists, each one with a theme and mood. I called it RIHFLECTION: The Unnoficial Greatest Hits. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHLpalz6ecVr82qE_57Pp-g/playlists VOL I: Music of The Sun VOL II: Big City Bright Lights VOL III: Tougher Than a Lion VOL IV I Can't Get Enough VOL V: We All Want the Same Thing VOL VI: I've Loved/I've Lost VOL VII: We Shine Together VOL VIII: Hope you like it! I don't have much talent for photoshop, so I didn't make a good album cover. If anyone feels inspired, feel free
  2. I think the comparison between artists from different decades is pretty unfair. To make an icon, someone who leaves a stamp in the course of pop culture, it takes on thing that any artist from the past 5 years doesn't have: time. In 2006, that girl Rihanna was just an island girl with forgettable music and little charisma and icon appeal. She grew and became an A-List name. She was able to be one of the first artists to make the jump from physical sales to digital and thrive in the streaming era. But she was at the right place at the right time. In the 70s, 80s, media was much more closed in the sense that it was easier to dictate what people would consume, and there would be a bigger production behind up and coming artists. It took bigger investment to make a profit. What's 'pop' has changed. Pop is a mutable genre. Artists like Taylor Swift never make huge performanes with choreographies and hairflips. The music the GP consumes nowadays are not made for grand perfomances. Normani tried to do a britney-esque perfomance, but it didn't catch, because it's not whats hot right now. But it's a cycle, and I believe that that will return in some years. Nowadays, everyone can choose their icon. There is an endless choice of artist from different genres that one can choose. And to put an artist on the radar costs much less than then. The investiment is lower, because there is no need to go big, you can just upload anything and become a star. You are not dependent of what's hot on MTV. The way that we consume music has changed a lot. There is so much choice, that its hard to keep the consumer's attention for a long time. That's why Ariana is ****ting albums every other week (even though I think that that can be dangerous too, the over exposure- but that's another topic) These younger stars have massive competition and it is so much more difficult to make a difference in a saturated industry. That doesn't mean they are boring. Their struggle now is to create longevity. And I think Ariana and Dua are creating personas that allow that, in the long run. It takes time.
  3. I love Destiny's Child, they have the best bops that i still listen and marked my childhood. But it was all about Beyoncé. PCD are amazing, hot choreos and bops and I was so excited for the comeback. But it was all about Nicole (love her, though-she's a beast on stage) I love Fifth Harmony, I watched them since X Factor and always rooted for them. But it was all a hot mess. I love Spice Girls, would say that is the most iconic group, but not the best overall. I enjoy some TLC and Girls Aloud, but I'm not that into them to call them the best. Besides the bops, GA's vocals were kind of weak compared to other groups. I have to vote for Little Mix- for consistency, longevity, vocals, live vocals, harmonies, covers, even-shared spotlight, chemistry, friendship, choreographies and looks. 5 albums and 9 years later, they stay current, revelant and with their original formation. They are the best girlband as a GROUP. They have amazing songs, and they should be bigger in the US, but the fact that they aren't doesn't take away their greatness.
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