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  1. That is disputable. she might not be at her best, but I guess part of it is due to stress of being micro managed 24-7 for so many years. I dont think we’ll see a clear picture of the situation until she is given some freedom. I do believe Britney on a stand alone will continue to be an easy prey for the likes of Sam Lufti and unable to handle important affairs.. BUT for that protection she needs good people and good lawyers around her, not necessarily a conservatorship.
  2. If he was a minority he could have stabbed a guy, sold crack and would still get away with it (Jay Z)! I wish he was still producing as much as before!
  3. Im a 110% sure this was made up! She’s such an attention seeking drama queen! I cant remember how many times she brought up her “sexual assault” in order to promote her stuff in the past 10 years. She was always privileged and rich, far from the underdog victim she tries to sell!
  4. He’s lucky that poor beyonce cant even read! Lets hope her cheating stabber crack dealer husband doesnt read it to her!
  5. Did u forget she has a minority pass? She can get away with anything having a ****** **** brother, ****** husband and ****** **** collab. Let’s not forget her unforgivable reaction to Orlando Gay club shooting. Same goes for Jay Z, the crack dealer that is convicted for stabbing a guy! He’s admired now!
  6. Its totally back!!! If she changes her venners it will be just like before!!!
  7. Remember when he thought he was the one that could save Britney’s career? https://ew.com/article/2007/03/08/timbaland-justin-and-i-want-work-britney/
  8. I think its good too but there are some fillers... its not like its a blackout or in the zone level of album...
  9. My Prerogative would be great solo 😉
  10. If that’s true, congrats to her! Paris and Beyonce will get no sleep tonight!
  11. Call me optimistic but her face is reversing to her former face beauty!
  12. She and Jay Z get away with so much... this guy was a crack dealer that pleaded guilty for stabbing a producer and no one says a word! Being rich + “minority” erases even the worst past!
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