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  1. Honestly they’re both so easy on the eyes I’ll watch just for visuals, if the song is good that’s a bonus.
  2. lol Britney is not racist imo, I read this thread and there is some strong facts. Can’t not deny Britney has definitely has had some ignorant moments but always been genuine to me. For good or bad. Knowing what has been shown of her lifestyle and upbringing of southern baptist culture idk her father would project those kind of emotions towards Latinos Britney’s basically saying her Dad is racists is killing me rn lol. Parents are just products of the love that brought them up and if we don’t realize that we become products of them. Non woke to the idea that everyone is equal in the eyes of the light and that love that’s within us holds enough and then sum Lol ignore me lol I’m high, he probably tried to press up on Britney and she was like Nooooo uh uh 😹
  3. Lol the song was cute the lyrics are funny to me at times and I like the video and I always love Spanish Cardi she always reminds me of Celia Cruz party started. Me gusta. Her reaction was adorable 😍 she’s so pretty.
  4. Sucks that someone would do that. Would of been game changer and big support if she would clapped back with a “trans is beautiful” line or something. It’s on brand with her song “so am I” She said nothing which is smart too. She’s been giving pop star cant lie.
  5. adderall? suicide? idk whatever the truth is it appears she's better. If she does get out of it she is still going to need a team, and I can believe her Sister is on her side. idk whoever is tweeting but I think what he said was interesting kinda like he wants other people who have worked with her to come forward... It is Crazy to think that my favorite pop star is basically being held captive at times.
  6. The one min clip didn’t sound bad 🤷🏻‍♂️ I F***s with MIA
  7. Beautiful photo shoot. Probably her biggest era 😬 tbh but I think the songs and cover would of worked without showing that skin too
  8. Not anymore, turn it up! In high school I dropped my CD player (I’m 30 now) lol and Britney’s in the zone cam flying out and I quickly picked it up on the bus and someone was like is that the JayZ blackout cd and I was like yes, yes it is lol now I don’t care
  9. I just never got why none of any of the other girls got any air time, clearly at least one other one could sing
  10. I would not mind the other's girls vocals to be more in the front but I dont even think the fans were really looking for that, they were never really featured to begin with...but if they said they were gonna add them they should have.
  11. I was so into her and motivation, she is that black pop star that I feel the world has been asking for. She needs hits though which she’s lacking in, I think only motivation and the song with Sam Smith have had longevity
  12. React just needed a couple whip snaps in it for me but there live performance was amazing. React deserved a better roll out but hey things happen for a reason maybe next year
  13. say what you want but who else would you wait for after a 15 min Beyonce performance? It would be Britney I think it was for ratings. 2016 was a year packed with Pop Divas. She did great I think the pre record bugs me a little but she does sound flawless on the me,myself, I track. Her movements were all ionic the yellow one piece only she could pull that off.
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