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  1. Loving this! Her sound is so retro but in a great way. The cover is supposed to emulate Diana Ross's iconic 'silk electric' one. Heard about her cause of an interview with roisin murphy (my ultimate pop icon) and decided to check her out. Album is a real bop.
  2. I don't quite agree it's underated. Luckily, it hit number one in the US and critics were good. Sure, it could have performed even better but I think that has to do with her age. Album itself is great in my opinion and I love how many (and good) music videos she made. The whole project felt much better executed than all her recent efforts and it is her most cohesive work since Confessions.
  3. Lorde forever. Both of her albums are back to back masterpieces. And 'magnets' is pure fire.
  4. She does have a point in that she's not making traditional "pop" songs (bad guy is pretty pop tho). But her point is way more noticeable with black people. As some pointed, Rihanna has been mostly pop, yet wrongly categorized.
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