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  1. Just so you know PETA actually encourages pet owners to use vegan pet food ..
  2. I’m probably gonna get dragged for this comment. But if it’s done properly, the dog should be fine. Dogs can get all the nutrients they need from fortified vegan dog food. On the other hand, it’s not possible for cats. Dogs are primary carnivore, cats are obligate carnivore. There is a different..
  3. She’s talented but her look definitely played a part in her success. She’s a pop star and this is how the industry works. Does she really think she would do as well if she looked like Jabba the Hutt
  4. Y’all better keep an eye out for Selener. Everything she released between Revival and Rare was amazing: fetish, bad liar, etc. I wish she does more songs like those. IMO songs like hands to myself and bad liar really defined her sound and makes her unique.
  5. Yes the flat earth example is a bit extreme but the only point that I’m trying to make here is there are ridiculous research papers published on less legitimate publications. Not all scientific publications are like Nature. There are publications dedicated to prove creationism. All I’m trying to say is people should not irresponsibly form their opinion after reading ONE study. What’s wrong with that? I guess I should have used another analogy like anti vaxx studies but does it change the message I’m trying to convey? Or should people just take whatever they read as the absolute truth? I only want people to be more critical with the information they acquire instead of cherry picking the studies that fit their narrative.
  6. I never said the papers that support flat earth theories are legitimate I only said they exists. Scientific publications may be verified but they may not be 100% legitimate. Otherwise all scientific publications will have 100% correct outcomes. They may use improper methodology, they may not have a big enough sample size to come to the conclusion, the study may be not peer assessed. Believe it or not, scientific publications can have totally wrong conclusions. All I said is people need to look into the consensus instead of cherry picking. Because there’s tons of studies with totally different outcomes regarding the same topic. It’s the reader’s responsibility to check the credibility and legitimacy of the studies they refer to. It’s also their responsibility to learn about the outcome of other studies of the same issue before they come to their conclusion. So stop twisting my point and take your elitism else where.
  7. Wow some people really believe that obesity has nothing to do with physical health and you can be healthy at every size. Yes there may be some studies that supports this opinion but remember there are also serious studies that support the flat earth theory. The important thing when it comes to researching is you have to look at the scientific CONSENSUS because there are all kinds of bizarre researches out there with very questionable conclusions. Cherry picking individual studies to fit your narrative is not a great way to prove your point.
  8. She’s my favorite among these new rap girls. Would be nice if she can do a track with Britney one day. I think their styles would match perfectly.
  9. Well we get it everyone should be comfortable in their own skin but plz give us another hit. Feed us mama we are starving.
  10. Looking fresh since day 1. All designer from head to toe.
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