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  1. Bloom and Grow Radio: it’s a very informative podcast about indoor gardening and plant keeping. Plant Daddy Podcast: also about houseplants. Hosted by two gay guys so they also cover lgbt topics sometimes. The Paranormal Podcast. They talk about spooky stuff . Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know: they talk about conspiracies and unsolved mysteries.
  2. Y’all reaching. She looks a little tipsy and that’s all. Normalize celebrities doing normal people things.
  3. I’m single and perfectly happy. Relationships are nice but I can’t imagine living with someone. I’ve worked so hard and don’t want to compromise on small things like how I decorate my home and what I cook. I want everything to be 100% how I want it to be in my little habitat. Also, I believe being able to spend some time with myself every day is very important for my mental health. Imagine there’s someone with you all the time. I’d go crazy. Idk maybe someday I’ll find someone that’s compatible with me. But for now I don’t see how somebody other than myself can contribute to more happiness in my life.
  4. Acting Out was such an anthem for me when I was a teen.
  5. Nope I don’t care about any of those makeup people. However, when they came for Mr. Kate, AKA the most wholesome and unproblematic YouTuber ever, it rubbed me the wrong way. Nonetheless everything I said in the previous post has been proven true. These guys are just toxic af.
  6. Don’t care about these boys. They are shady af. They claimed to hate drama yet they used drama for clout again and again. Haven’t you heard about them throwing shade to Mr. Kate? Aren’t they on Jar Jar Sprinkles’ side during dramageddon? Wasn’t Grayson the alleged victim? Why don’t you take legal action honey or was it just defamation? Y’all can keep these dumb jocks.
  7. Couldn’t agree more. Honestly I’m so over them. At this point it’s not interesting in the slightest anymore. It’s just plainly annoying. I never get the appeal of a show about rich people being ignorant and delusional.
  8. I almost got that one when it came out because the color is so pretty
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