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  1. I adore our girl Brit, but I gotta be honest and give it to Lorna. She took TTWE to a whole other level yas queen And let us not forget her iconic cover of Toxic
  2. What does she have to say about people accusing her she can't sing? Now that's what I'd like to know but she won't ever address that, I assume, since you can't really fight the truth
  3. This is such a brilliant idea! This cruel case of abuse and corruption deserves way more press coverage than it gets. I'm disgusted it hasn't truly blown up the way it should. It's as if the world is willing to let it slide, constantly refusing to look Britney's way. Hopefully, your documentary will be the spark to light a bigger fire, i.e. some important outlet will pick up the story, pursue an investigation and shed light on the truth to the masses. Additionally, reading that I realized what a strong person you are, Jordan. It's almost unbelievable to think you were an ordinary teen from wherever you are going against the narrative dictated by such a powerful money-making machine, yet you were strong enough to voice your concern. Strong enough to stand up and don't let them silence you. And also strong enough to endure the frustration I imagine you might have felt seeing that the fanbase, up until recently, was completely oblivious to what is happening. I know for a fact there was a time when this fanbase would have mocked you for even suggesting something is off with the conservatorship. But you were tied hand and food; there was nothing you could've done other than watch the fans being manipulated. I'm convinced I would have been furious to witness how team con was pretty much getting away with everything. My point is: please don't ever give up on Britney! At the end of the day, Britney's no one to you (as in she's not a relative, she's not a loved one, she's not a friend) and you've been dragged through way too much dirt for the sake of a favorite popstar. Realistically, a lot of people would have been out a long, long time ago. But not you. You hanged on. I suspect it's because you probably fight for the cause itself (a human being getting abused), not solely for the person (I like to think you would've been as outraged and fired up to stand up for any other person in need) and that speaks volumes on your character. So keep fighting, you're fighting for a great cause! Now don't get me wrong, I'm not writing this to boost your ego, not at all. But I think we should all acknowledge that you've done the most while being in the most vulnerable position. They know who you are, they most likely keep an eye on you hoping you'd misstep so they could shut down your website (let's be real, without BreatheHeavy the FreeBrintey movement wouldn't have lingered). So I leave this message in hopes it'd help you fuel your resilience (and even if it doesn't, you impressed me so much, I just had to say something). Your efforts are seen and appreciated. Just know that you are a massive source of inspiration!
  4. What a pretentious little brat. She's giving me Katy Where-Is-She-Now Perry level arrogance vibes. One truly successful era and it looks like it's already gone to her head. Somebody should inform her that she's still got a LOT to prove. She can spew this kind of delusional nonsense when she's celebrating 25+ years of relevance and hits. Until then, I invite her to take several seats.
  5. Well, he had absolutely no problem calling Brit the B word years after things were said and done and that's only one reason among many many others why his dry asz stinky puszy should be canceled
  6. I'll never get this kind of motives to dislike her. I mean, is it her fault she's a petite woman? Should she dress in children's clothing just because she's small or what? Of course you're entitled to not liking her and her music, but this one superficial observation makes y'all look really immature.
  7. Oh yes, you can tell she's been taking vocal lessons from fellow powerhouse vocalist Selena Gomez. It's showing. Definitely. She out Whitney'd Whitney with this performance. Give credit where credit is due: kudos to her, we have no choice but to stan.
  8. That ain't chubby, friend of mine, that ain't chubby that's morbidly obese.
  9. This remix is so basic Mimi the Queen of Remixes should teach these filthy peasants how it's done
  10. Xtinct has talent, nobody can deny that, I agree, but she is not by any means an amazing vocalist. She is the perfect example of someone who has a lot of potential, yet somehow, instead of fructifying it, she lets it go to waste. I'm under the impression Xtinct doesn't understand that having been gifted a good voice is not enough, you have to work with it. The voice itself is an instrument and you have to learn how to play it. Aguilera doesn't. Her technique is deplorable. Oversinging is not the way to go and it's straining her voice big time. It's not too late, she still has time to hire a vocal coach and get her act together but I highly doubt she would ever do that: her ego is bigger than her career ever was and she would rather retire than admit she's failed her beautiful voice (a voice that deserves way more, Xtinct desperately screaming her lungs out doesn't do it justice)
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