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  1. I'm one of your best friends? Also, we been knew that you are a true friend because you understand that Can't Make You Love Me isn't a song that is worthy of out-peaking Where Are You Now. (I voted for Lucky as being my favourite song only because I was in one of my phases. )
  2. Oh okay! My sincerest apologies about that. I didn't realize it bothered you so I won't do it again.
  3. Thank you @Slayer for this. I wasn't able to make it because I was watching my dog but I'm sure you guys had a lot of fun.
  4. Why not? I genuinely like all the tracks on this album though so thank you for allowing it this megarate. And thank you for disallowing it because I didn't want to force myself to rate Soda Pop a 10/10 song on the next album. I genuinely love this album but okay. Also why have you begun ignoring me? . Did @Xtina2006 @Blackout2006 tell you something about me?
  5. I was joking. But as someone under 15 I can say no one mainstream has post-Lady Gaga's peak. Girl, so many artists put 0 effort into their craft nowadays and look like they'd rather be anywhere else, you don't have phenomenal new debut artists nowadays, you have decent ones at best.
  6. The way even twelve year olds can see how there was an increasing decline in performance level and hard-work since Britney's knee injury.
  7. It was a generic basic dance song that anyone could have sung in 2013, that song doesn't radiate any "BRITNEY SPEARS" vibes at all. Literally no one besides from pop culture fans and Britney fans still remember that song.
  8. Her second most, but it's close. Honestly, the term "personal" being associated with sad and slow songs is so outdated. We been knew that album was the best thing Britney and Danja could have done to represent the chaos that was going on back then with so many people scrutinizing her, it may not be represent her now but the great thing about Britney as an artist is while she has acknowledged certain albums more, she hasn't resented them or dissed them, because she knows there was a phase in her life where creating that brought her enjoyment.
  9. Blackout being performed isn't really an indicator, especially since lots of it's songs were performed from 2008 and on. I won't be surprised if she feels disconnected from Blackout or at least if she did during the whole "I'm a mom now" era but I'm also not surprised that she loved it during 2007. We been knew she loves In The Zone and Glory eternally but I wonder what she thinks of Britney (2001).
  10. Yet at JIVE, she started singing in a pitchy voice that often went off-key in performances so why should we listen to them. She wasn't the next Whitney but she had potential, you don't just get into an Off-Broadway show and The Mickey Mouse Club if you're a less than stellar vocalist.
  11. " " alone is more iconic than Girls Like Payola's entire career.
  12. Ugh agreed. Nobody new is a phenomenal singer or dancer like Bey or Britney were when they first came on the scene. The sad thing is that even when we finally get some decent performers, people act as if they can compare to the legends. It esp got worse in the late 2010s like in the early 2010s there were still interesting new artists but then people just started becoming lazy. Also with rap too, there are a few good rap artists but the majority of rap artists don't put much effort in, there are a few good ones though and Nicki is an icon.
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