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  1. @Steel Magnolia My apologies, looks like in my post I had mistaken this letter for the one McCarley posted.
  2. I've heard a tweet claiming that a, "federal investigation", will allegedly be instigated by a 100 lawyers if he doesn't file for the conservatorship to be terminated by May 9th? IDK how that would work, though. My biggest fear is that fans somehow achieving Britney being assigned to a different court-appointed attorney who DOESN'T listen to her wishes at all, like many court-appointed attorneys who deal with conservatorships have been accused of. I am not a fan of Sam Ingham, but at this point in time, he's the best we got, at least so far....
  3. That area of a guy being exposed is often used for the purpose of comedy in entertainment, it would've been probably turned him into a laughing stock if he did, TBH.
  4. Can we acknowledge the elephant in the room as to why Britney's sales are less consistent though? Mostly because her transitions between Oops!... - In the Zone are a lot less smooth in terms of being able to retain the younger fans/her original fanbase. Taylor released like 3 albums post-debut all slowly leading up to her pop transition but Britney didn't really do that. Britney (2001) was a transitional album but it wasn't originally intended to be that way, it's just how many of the tracks got scrapped to fuse the albums with the original Crossroads soundtrack. Hence why the more adult sounding songs lean VERY more into the adult sides from what you would expect from a transitional album. It was lowkey a smart decision from JIVE to make it a transitional album so that it wouldn't alienate all of her audience but it sure did alienate a lot of her younger fans, particularly the ones who still weren't teens because their parents would refuse to buy her stuff. Like an example is how there are still LOADS of fans of Taylor who have been fans since she was doing country, but it's quite rare to find someone whose been a fan of Britney since 1998. There are def a few but most of the older fans became fans when Britney started doing more adult stuff. Britney's image changed much more than Taylor's has ever, although Taylor has probs (in her released material) been more experimental with genres.
  5. She sold 500k for Oops!... in the US alone in pure sales alone in the first 24 hours so she actually already did.
  6. Literally nearly I've heard people of all diff religious say that, don't make it right though. The notion that all Christians hated her though is a lie.
  7. Self-hating doesn't equal disliking concepts involving Satan.
  8. -Is ha second best album but I'll let it slide because it's in ha trinity.
  9. Oops!... >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> all of those albums. But yeah she should come back when she wants & if she wants.
  10. The thing is fans aren't reaching out to their state representatives. The congress thing isn't just going to happen randomly because two Republicans want it, it needs support .
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