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  1. That makes me happy but I don't think it would be a positive reaction towards a collab because a lot of toxic Blinks have came into the fandom the last 2 years and all they care about is streams
  2. Oh tell me about it! I hate being a part of Generation Z, I literally saw someone say "Britney Spears could never dance" as an excuse to defend Dua Lipa's dancing in that video that went viral of her dancing. If Britney from the Dream Within a Dream Tour couldn't dance then well if that's "not dancing" then Beyoncé can't dance, Lady Gaga can't dance, literally every female pop act can't dance other than Janet Jackson if people think that Britney in the Dream Within a Dream Tour couldn't dance. It's so annoying because of how much they disrespect Britney & Madonna's legacy, you rarely see those type of comments towards Michael Jackson though (I think we all know the reason )
  3. I would be down for it but to be honest it would probably be kinda awkward. If Britney was like how Britney was in the In The Zone era then it probably would work out with Blackpink's style (or just YG's style in general) or if they decided to do a more fun light-hearted song type style like they do sometimes then maybe Britney from the ...Baby One More Time era would work for that concept. But now a days, I don't think it would work too well. Overall: Britney's natural voice kinda resembles Jisoo's but it might blend in too much Britney's fake tone resembles Rosé's voice a LOT, they would pretty much sound interchangeable. Jennie and Britney? Well I don't know how that would work out. Honestly, Lisa would out-dance Britney now. It would be cool to see Britney have her performing styles like she did back then and then she and Lisa could do a dance-off but now Lisa would outshine Britney too much tbh. I love Blackpink and I love Britney so I would still of course love to see it but I'm not sure how it would work.
  4. Okay before I get into my thoughts, I want to say that the general public of Blackpink's fandom would hate it. Most of them are mad that Selena was the girl on the collab and not Ariana because Selena doesn't get as many streams and they're already sending hate messages to Selena. Imagine if it was about Britney? The fandom would be MAD that Britney wouldn't be helping much with the streams of the song. Also it would be littered with "Britney can't sing" messages (Even though she's a stronger singer than the members of Blackpink )
  5. I know this makes me sound like one of those who complains about how Britney "needs to be a rolemodel" but it IS a good thing in general the video concept was changed. Imitation suicide happens a lot so if the original video Britney intended for was released then it likely wouldn't have been a good idea... (I don't think she needs to be a role model, just from a business stand-point, it being scrapped makes sense) I agree though, wish she could expand from songs about love and dancing, Original Doll would have been a masterpiece
  6. Original Doll confuses me so much, like was it just something she was recording with her band without her labels knowledge? You would think so and that would make sense for it not to leak but then it was confirmed she was working on new material in the studio, what was that new material????? Was it Original Doll or was it something entirely different
  7. I was rooting for you, Lance (JC is officially my new favourite member from *NSYNC ) (This is based on what was said here in the snippet)
  8. That sounds so intimidating, I can imagine Britney saying that in such an irritated and angry tone
  9. Pretty sure it was a typo in her name. She's "Britney Spears" on everything else.
  10. Christina please serve us gentle singing without screaming, your voice will sound AMAZING , show them pop girls how to sing.
  11. Xtina screaming her lungs out with the powers of over-singing and Britney doing a Zumba class while lip-syncing to the studio track, wow, amazing
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