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  1. A part of this feels racist to say - would she really say the same about hip hop music? K-Pop is a legitimate genre -it's literally HER genre (i.e. it's POP music) and for her to dismiss it as a "fad" - when her entire career has pretty much been based off pop music is quite ironic. It's definitely a "movement" and for her to just sort of downplay it's impact and musical integrity like that when she has been known to jump on random trends herself (see cringeworthy migos dancing) is rather hypocritical. It seems bitter.
  2. this. I believe this statement is exactly why this movement needs to exist and wouldn't exist without us. They don't care period - unless it's a green note lining their trashy pockets. Jamie Lou can rot. So sad, I was watching clips and Britney LOVED her sister so much. Like Jamie Lou, you literally had nothing and she gave you unconditional, sisterly love. If the roles were reversed and Jamie Lynn was the rich/famous one, you just know from her character she would NOT be half of the level headed, humble person Britney is
  3. It's just the epitome of how misogyny runs through and through, like a poisonous gas throughout all of society. It's NORMAL to talk about a woman suffering like a joke. It's NORMAL to ridicule a woman being "crazy". It's NORMAL to terrorise a woman for not living up to the standard of perfection. And when she reaches it, society will have no trouble tearing you down via s*ut shaming, etc etc.
  4. I want to puke. The fact that crazy, conservative backwards, DEEPLY religious and unstable people in their 60s have Britneys estate and HUMAN RIGHTS in a chokehold for 12 years + IS RIDICULOUS. Let me say it again: WHY ARE PEOPLE DOUBLE HER AGE EXERTING SO MUCH POWER OVER A 38 YEAR OLD WOMAN WHO HAS WORKED ALL HER LIFE!! FREE BRITNEY! Omg this is too much
  5. I knew she was jealous of Britney the moment they showed her weird oprah segment. It's weird that she was groomed to feel she needed to compete with Britney like that as a 10 year old.. she was so young and already showed a weird resentment. If anything, we should blame lynne for being the ULTIMATE stage mom - she literally groomed Jamie Lynn to follow in her sisters footsteps so quickly.
  6. And now we know why Jamie Lynn is mum silent and can't even support her sister or show the smallest ounce of validation for the movement. It benefits EVERYONE. we need to make more noise, I wonder if they're all ****ting themselves having trouble sleeping with all these leaks coming out. I feel like once Jamie and Lou are out of it, it will be easier to do a formal investigation on them. I believe public pressure will allow that for it to happen. Coram Deo Jamie and Loucifer!
  7. 26. My blackout era is in full force. good grades, but crying every few hours and binge shopping and eating, whilst popping pills. Hoping to god my circus era comes soon. 😂
  8. what are the chances Brenda will rule in favour for samuel? PRAYING for Britney. And I'm not even religious. Her sister is satan's spawn. How did she even come from the same womb as Britney? She's EVIL
  9. Guys who would've thought in 2020, Paris Hilton would be more of a family to Britney than her blood-relative cesspool of leeches. Time is really the ultimate truth teller.
  10. First memory was when I was 7, this annoying girl in class kept farting and saying "oops I did it again" after. And when I finally confronted her and asked why she kept saying that, she told me it was because of Britney Spears. I asked who she was and she brought the CD to school but I got scared of the BOMT cover because it looked like some kidz bop mess (I love the cover now though) Next time I would see her and stan would be the me against the music video a few years later, whenever her legs came down the stairs on MTV me and my brother would scream because we knew it was her video That video made me a stan and the rest is history
  11. i think the real reason why she doesnt look the same is because obvious skin damage / lifestyle habits tend to show up and reveal themselves during the late 30s and early 40s. you can really tell if someone has looked after their skin during this time because all the cumulative damage will start showing up. I think if you compare her skin to say, Lynne's skin - her mum's skin looks just as good and she's almost double her age. Also, Lynne probably isn't a huge smoker like she is or hasn't been under the same amount of stress our girl has. i love britney, but yeah all the hours suntanning (she used to have tanning beds in her tour bus for example), frequent smoking and lack of regular sunscreen/stress can all cause those changes to the skin But I think the less heavy makeup on her brings out this youthful glow to her skin which is great. She still looks AMAZING tho- she has these timeless features that make her a natural beauty, which is why we have no choice but to stan
  12. I don't know, I saw it somewhere. Tbh I don't know where half the nicknames for the leeches/pig swamps come from... but they make me scream at 3am this website is full of creative legends
  13. Today is the day ... We pray for Forgiveness, repetentence, deliverance 🌱🌱🌱 From the seed of doubts can instead .... grow faith, love and hope No ... not talking about Jamie's seed 😉😉😉🌸🌸
  14. why is she called Duck Killer? :O I'm dead
  15. I think this is all the evidence we need that Juno Lynn is NOT team Britney, she has no idea what her own sister wants/feels. The fact her own blood won't speak out is enough evidence that she is benefiting from her; in fact, most of them do. I wouldn't be surprised if her house/husbands house was financed from Britneys estate and hence why she's so chummy with Lou, because she knows Lou orchestrates this through her shady *** companies. Imagine knowing your own sister is locked up in a conservator ship for life yet you take sides with a crazy christian lady who put her there. Karma exists for a reason and this is why Zoey101 is the only thing Juno has done with her life #InvestigateLou #InvestigateJamie
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