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  1. Please lock this thread. @mods The Trump supporters in here are literally continuing the spreading of false right wing conspiracy theories. This election has been incredibly smooth and transparent with very little error, lots of surveillance, recounts that confirm Biden's LEGITAMETE votes and state wins time and time AGAIN, zero evidence of supposed rampant and widespread "fraud", which is why courts and lawyers cannot take it seriously. Even Fox News and conservatives (distinct from the Cultists you see here) are calling out the BS. Congrats,Trumpsters,you are literally helping to destroy the Republican party lol. Please close this thread. Election day is over and I'm tired of seeing it pop up constantly because the two mentally ill Trump supporters on this site are spreading misinformation or literally replying to themselves and having conversations with their OWN posts (wtf?). It's scary and honestly embarrassing and I hope yall get medical help and eventually enter the same reality as the rest of us. Had Trump won and it were liberals claiming Trump stole the election with zero evidence, yall would be calling them crazy "libtards", telling them to accept the results and to move on, but of course, because your guy lost, suddenly 'dead" people are voting and states across the country have colluded to perpetuate mass fraud, right? Just stop it already. Enough is enough.
  2. She definitely got veneers. I think it looks fine. I'm all for people doing whatever makes them happy, and she was clearly insecure about her old teeth, for whatever reason.
  3. Literally all of these replies are making me cackle
  4. Say My Name Emotion Cater 2 U Survivor Their best singles. I had to vote for Emotion though because their harmonies slay me and Beyonce's high note on the last chorus sends me to heaven. edit; omg I forgot Soldier. A bop!!! I need a soldier that aint scared to stand up for me Known to carry big things if you know what I mean
  5. Don't bother. That account is either a spoof account or severely mentally ill. I suggest people stop replying to him and indulging his crazy.
  6. No I'm not a moron because I know how to read. You pointed out that there were "3 blacks guys in a row". How exactly is that supposed to read besides some snide racist remark that you're now appearantly trying to justify and "expand" on and pretend that it's what you "actually meant" with your original, racist comment. It's pretty clear what you're doing. Incredibly transparent and expected from you.
  7. She looks unrecognizable, not in a bad way ,but she just doesn't look like Demitria. It looks good on her, tho.
  8. harleys in hawaii should have been a Britney song, can you imagine the slayage?
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