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  1. She's got more than she deserves ....watchu mean she deserves better? Edit:Ok ,fine,she has bops but...the bish sacrificed a chicken in her closet. Like sis,say what you want about the homosexuals but leave the chickens alone PERIODDTT
  2. This is a public forum ,sweetie. If you upload a picture of yourself on the internet on a public forum there can be no expectation of privacy. Anyone can download your photo. I don't know if you are real person. The things you say read very strange to me. I mean, what kind of grown woman thinks this is illegal to do on the internet? I think we have a troll on our hands, henny Either way, have a good night sweetie and maybe just quit engaging in this topic since it's clearly distressing you
  3. Nah I saw the BS from a mile away. Also that one female user has posted comments on other threads that read like something off of an SJW's twitter timeline. It's like a parody account tbh Anyway, slay me with your reasonable pushback against the desperate attempts in this thread by people who will not be named, just shadily subbed
  4. People really did think Gaga was a man. There was a video circulating that allegedly showed her flashing her *****. I loved her response
  5. and can I just say that @ShatteredBoy is on point in this thread? I love to see it
  6. You hit the nail on the ********** head. If anything, I find it incredibly offensive when people decide what's offensive to me or are offended on my behalf over something so insignificant. It's got a tone that doesn't sit right with me, like they're talking down to you. It's like sis ,Spanish people are not fragile. We banter, we joke and roast our family members and friends and we know how to take it too. When they focus on something so small like this it waters down the problem of actual racism. I'm smart enough to detect and know what actual ,harmful racism and discrimination feels and looks like and Britney Spears pretending to speak Spanish for 2 seconds in a light hearted interview ain't it ,and I will not be told otherwise "the only offensive thing she said in that video was that piece of me was the hardest show she’s done"
  7. She really gave the gays everything they wanted with this album Some of the disrespect in this thread I won't name names But yall going on the list
  8. You are being ridiculous. It's a joke,sis. A joke. Ever made one? Ever had someone do something or say something silly? I'm Cuban and I don't at all find it offensive what she did and I know for a fact that the majority of Spanish people would laugh along with her. We are not an uptight culture. We don't care. Now please stop.
  9. Also not even going to click the video. If you can't be bothered to spell her name right,it lets me know you know literally nothing about BRITNEY spears. Sit your *** down,yang yong nobodies
  10. We Spanish people can appreciate a joke and she was clearly JUST joking. Nobody cares. Stop perpetuating outrage and cancel culture over the smallest, most insignificant things. WHo cares what ******* article was written? Brit doesn't have a hateful bone in her body.
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