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  1. Thank you so much @Slayer for organizing this event! it was fun!
  2. Yeah... I can understand though... it took some time for Inside Out to grow on me. I think Criminal on the first listen is easy to find catchy but Inside Out is a more interesting and complex song.
  3. I kinda agree and I kind don't .. I feel like sometimes our judgement is a bit biased but how we feel about some songs... looking back I wish I would not have voted for Criminal when they did a poll with Inside Out and Forgetful Drop Dead (even though I like the music video treatment)
  4. They had a 9 or above for me, so it feels about right!
  5. I would say.... 1. Mood Ring 2. Just Luv me 3. Change your mind 4. Liar 5. Slumber party
  6. It is true! I feel like my lowest ratings were for Private Show and Clumsy, with a 4 or 5 and the rest was more or less above 7 I think... it is a close call between the top songs.
  7. That makes sense to me! Never understood why this song was added on the setlist of the Piece of Me tour at some point and why this was teased before the release of "Glory". Sometimes I wonder if it was not a marketing strategy to release Private Show and Clumsy to lower our expectations before the release... as there are some of the weakest tracks... sorry not sorry
  8. noooo.... the pre chorus of this song is so good!
  9. well... aren't the two last songs from the same producer ? The melody are actually not bad, it is just the vocal production somehow..
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