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  1. Go back to have fun! I really think she have to see her old interviews and performance, maybe she would remember who she really is, that girl is still inside her.
  2. More than a single of the album I think it could be a great first live performance of come back at the VMA!!! Obviously than it would become a hit. Anyway I always think that her next album has to go in this direction. When I listen to Nightmare by Halsey, Lonley by Justin Bieber and Disagree by Poppy (also the video), Power & Control by Marina (with all the Electra Heart album).. This are songs that would be perfect and even more meaningful if it were sang by Britney
  3. Britney could be a great actress, she has that good mimic! but the problem are always the same: she stopped studying/practicing as she did with singing and than also with dancing, and her lack of confidence mixed with the anxiety disease that she developed during this 12 years. But I think that maybe acting would be a great therapy for her, because it's different, you have the possibility to repeat the scene, you don't have to be always perfect as on a live performance. And acting give you the possibility to put out all your emotions. She could start with acting classes, and than make some little roles in indie movies so that she can develop some confidence. She can do everything if she wants it. And in the meantime she can get free from the conservatorship.
  4. Thank you for the explanation!!! And now how is it the situation? ClearChannel is still the big boss? I know that now there are other problem with Britney, her age, her lack of credibility as an artist and as a perrormer, but I hope that if she manage to come back in a proper way than the radios will pass her songs
  5. Why was the radio ban? I never understood it? It was for breakout with Justin? It was something official? And why Jive didn't do anything to solve the problem? I think it's always absurd to ban an artist for "ethic" reason, and in this case it was even more absurd.. And they are not even coherent, because you can listen on radio artists with all kind of problems, also racists artists..
  6. WHAT?! NO! it's impossible, I clearly remembre that there was her face in the video! What kind of strange magic is this? :'(
  7. I'm wondering if also her children, now that have grown, are been instructed by her team about the topics that they can or can't talk with her. Like "don't talk to her about the freebritney movement because she has mental health issues..."
  8. It's sad that her label cancelled that unofficial video with Britney on the snow! It was cute and with millions and millions of views (I don't remember exactly how many). They could take it as the official video. Anyway, do you know what shoot was that?
  9. Do you think his curly hair are natural or some kind of perm? He was so not curly when he was a child.
  10. It's a hit! My second fave after Mariah! With a proper video and a little bit of promotion it can become a real classic! And I know it's all cash in team cons pocket, but I'm so glad to see her back on the charts, when was the last time? Make me?
  11. Happy to see her happy. Don't like the platinum blonde, she would be so better with the honey blonde that she had on the itz booklet.
  12. All the names that you quote are pretty unknown here in Europe, except for Lana Del Ray but she is more a "no mainstream" act, while Doja Cat and Shawn Mendes are only one hit wonder here, at least for now. And, with now offence, but I'm glad that here in Europe we still listen to pop and rock music, and all those trashy rappers and trappers are less famous.
  13. I don't understand how is it possible that Dua Lipa is so low. Here in Europe she has been probably the most succesful artist of the years, there's always one of her songs on the chart. She has been so unlucky to not being able to tour, the tour would have crystalised this era like the monster ball tour did for Gaga or like the California Dreams tour for Katy.
  14. I'm happy for her if this is what she wants. But I hope that she knows that if she wants to live free from the whole fame thing she have to leave California and go to live in some country where she can live a normal life. Or better, I hope that she decides to travel the world, she has the money to do it, and I think it would be the best cure for her. She travelled a lot in the past, but she never had the time to stop and appreciate where she was.
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