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  1. I feel like she was probably advised by these new lawyers to cool it on IG. I was kinda worried at first that she got in trouble for her red video. I bet the next time she does post tho it'll be some stock image with some motivational words of inspiration
  2. No shade to Brit, but she's much thinner in this selfie than she is currently, also I feel like her hair is a different shade of blonde I might believe it if it was a selfie of her holding a sign up with today's date and saying something like to Billy I do think he believes it might be her though assuming he is legit even texting someone
  3. Same... in fact I've been low key waiting for someone to post about this Also sams story today looks like he is back at her house too and that makes me wonder if that will mean anything
  4. I disagree. I felt it was acknowledgement of our voices. We're loud and when we band together we make a difference. Britney appreciates her fans support
  5. The thing I'm most concerned about is the fact it was removed the day after posting and that she hasn't posted anything since... ive gotten really used to her regular monday-friday posts and now this silence leaves me feeling weird
  6. I really loved this video. Yes its racy. Yes its provocative. Yes its sexy. But when has Britney performing for us ever not been these things. And this was a definite performance. This made me feel confident it really is her in control of her IG. Although it definitely did look like a green screen and im not sure what to make of that. I dont know what Red is supposed to mean exactly but I love it so far and its way better than Rose I hope this video comes back, or at least the next part of red comes soon
  7. This is so well done wow! Also whats the song they play at the ending credits
  8. I'm really undecided on how genuine I believe Sam to be. I do think they both like each others company if nothing else. I have a hard time believing that her team would purposely keep them together if she truly didn't want him around. Even if he is a paid handler, surely they would just find another guy to stick with her. I think especially this year with quarantine, Sam has been a positive person for her to keep around. If nothing else, to keep her from going into a really dark depression. We can already see her lack of caring about appearances, which tend to get even messier during darker times. He seems to be the only person ever around her. We've seen he can cook, and he clearly cares about his own appearance so I would imagine he at least makes sure she eats and encourages very minimal hygiene care. I can't imagine how things would be if she didn't have him around. I have also been wondering lately about Sam being in his filming bubble currently. He is not with Britney these days. If he was really a paid handler I don't think he would be allowed to go off filming and being away from her for however long. I think I'm most curious to see how things are going to go during this time when they are apart
  9. Taylors reputation era made me a taylor fan... I couldn't put my finger in exactly why I liked it until my son (who was only 10 at the time) said "this sounds just like Britney Spears and then I was like YOURE RIGHT
  10. Am I dreaming or was there an article or quote or something from Larry I think months ago stating they had booked recording time for her over the summer? Anyone recall hearing this?
  11. It's not Britney that makes me dislike the song Its the song in general. I think its a weird song in its original state too.
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