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  1. If her team wants to portray her as mentally unstable they succeeded , Britney didn't post it, so she can't even ask for help...... And if she did post it then it means she really is forgetful and asking for help ..... I'm just really confused at this point....
  2. I love Sade !!!! She's one of my favs . And to this Threads question: I'm gonna have to ask my mom hahahah 🤭
  3. I mean , in general she's right, but the competition nowadays is even bigger . And besides she's not all talent either ..... She didn't have to work as hard as Michael or Whitney for example .....
  4. Sounds good but what's with the Auto tune mess ??
  5. Says the guy who became famous based on lies and flase allegations , yikes , but I do believe in Karma and it's not looking good for him
  6. OMG , that clip from Twitter, this is gonna be that song that we've waited for , I'm telling u guys it sounds so good , better than anything she released last year . Yas milez come thru honeyyyyy
  7. Even if she's not mentally stable, she's still functioning a lot better than many other celebrities and the only reason her mental state has been deteriorating is primarily because of heavy medication , it's really making her unconfident and insecure , all she needed is someone to look after her and help her because still she's a very famous and a busy woman , but there is no excuse for the other stuff they're putting her through , if you watched the episode Ashley O in black mirror it could help you understand that Britney has a similar reality, very sadly....
  8. She has the most auntie account ever , I really think it's Loucifer and I'm not gonna be surprised if Britney will talk about it in an interview 1 day (please God) that all that time she had no control over her posts and had no clue about it, the way they are ruining her image is unforgivable...... #freebritney
  9. Ohh okay, thank you I was severely misinformed then , I shouldn't Believe anything I read on the internet , and definitely not follow Twitter trends as much as I like Twitter hahah
  10. Ugh , I wish people would stop writing their fantasies online , it simply doesn't help anyone ..... Keep dreaming tho......
  11. Wasn't there a thread in here claiming Anita Supports jair bolsonaro ? And that she's cancelled, I mean if she really does support him I ain't gonna stream ha anymore
  12. A few days ago she said it's going to be worth the wait. So I'll believe it , and I really hope she's readying a dual album / 2 albums . because bish , if we've waited that long for 10 tracks I'm gonna drink a lot of wine the evening the album drops
  13. OMG , i still haven't recovered from the last mess she released https://youtu.be/r5vxlaiBqHE And now I was hoping to hear something better , but it's even worse ?? And why does her songs sound like a mixture of unfinished songs put together ? Like sis the key is not matching the stanza , the key sis ! What a shame battlefield was such a bop
  14. This is really sad and scary , like someone said before, in 2020 my biggest achievement is to be alive. Sad times , I really hope next year will be kind to all of us .
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