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  1. The Madame X era had some serious problems but the album is imo her best since Confessions, finally she experimented again (that's when she's at her best) and the tour looked very interesting. Just hope the editing isn't a complete mess.
  2. What are you smoking? Of course people in Europe also listen to all kinds of rock and metal. Americans really don't know that much beyond their borders lol. The Rolling Stones are british as are Muse Gojira are from France Rammstein are from Germany Volbeat are from Denmark Within Temptation 🤍 are from the Netherlands Nightwish are from Finnland Lacuna Coil are from Italy Paradise Lost, who are one of my favourites, are also british. And that's of course just a micro extract of European rock, metal, gothic...
  3. And then add the fact that Queen and Elton John made the top 40 with best of compilations.
  4. I'm still gonna say redneck, it's a famous word outside the US too. What are you, of all people, gonna do about it 🤣🤣 So you're denying the american education system has serious problems, you deny that many Americans can hardly place countries on the correct continents on a map or fail to realise that a continent is not a country? (not all of course but still Who said I supported the rioting in the summer and ANTIFA aren’t liberals, they hijack movements to cause chaos and destruction, they want unrest. But guess what ANTIFA (who are always dressed in black in nearly identical outfits) weren't at the Capitol, those were lunatics (and they wore their political affiliation all over their bodies) who still believe in all the silly conspiracy theories promoted by Trump. The storming of the Capitol was nobody's fault but Trump-tards' who believe all the rubbish that they are being spoonfed by their cult leader. I'm not speaking for myself, watch some news from outside the US, but then the bubble you live in would just burst. Thanks sweetie, I'm not miserable neither is the place I live 😘 but America is the laughing stock of the world and you're contributing to it. I mean you're trying all your best to prove my point and confirm what the rest of the world thinks of people like you. And then you wanna tell people about being on the wrong side of history? ***** you're making it too damn easy to expose your foolishness.
  5. Like I posted earlier, the American education system is terribly underfunded (for a supposed 1st world country). Proven by the idiotic rednecks and bigots that invaded the Capitol drinking their Trump-kool-aid like it's the second coming and treating all the lies and nonsense they are being fed like gospel. Unlike most Americans we over here in Europe actually learn more than a thing or two about other countries and can correctly place those countries on a world map. The news coverage outside the US speaks a clear language: what happened at the Capitol is ridiculous, almost unbelievable and shows that Trump has successfully created a cult full of sheep that would follow him regardless of his actions.
  6. This so much! When they get a taste of their own medicine they start vomiting and cry foul.
  7. AJ promoted Biden/Harris on his account. If he still hasn't been able to talk some sense into Brian then nothing's gonna help at this point.
  8. I'm not even American so Biden sure as hell isn't my leader 🤣🤣, many Republicans are also outraged over the terrorist filth at the Capitol so you guys are just a pathetic minority that is rightfully being shamed by the rest of the world. But whatever lies help you sleep at night
  9. Aww denial just like your cult leader who is finished at least as the POTUS, almost cute how you're trying to grasp for some straw.
  10. You just described yourself but nice try. Queen who? You've been schooled left and right by everyone here but it's fun seeing a deluded attention wh*re going down
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