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  1. So she said the last court date would be huge, was she expecting much bigger changes than what ended up happening?
  2. Not a fan of the n-word being used in more and more pop songs these days.....
  3. How do you know she does not? I'll say it again it would make more sense for her to try to reach out privately than simply post freeBritney which wouldn't really lead to anything. Also the post on Britney's insta, written by Cassie, where it says that she felt embarrassed by the documentary is probably one of the reasons why certain people are not commenting, they don't wanna make her feel uncomfortable by unnecessary comments. But they probably haven't realised that Brit doesn't run her social media.
  4. Mariah is of course not a local act but internationally she was hardly ever as massive as Whitney or Celine.
  5. People were still making fun of Britney in early 2008, don't kid yourself. Everyone called her crazy, you simply don't like Madonna that's why you try to spin it negatively. And you said it yourself, Xtina can't reach her. Same goes for Madonna, Gaga...they all probably know that Britney is very shielded.
  6. That's not true. I mean it was Britney's decision to leave that car with no underwear and her legs wide open. She did speak up for her in early 2008, Madonna is many things but definitely not fake unlike many others. And how do you know that Xtina does not care, have you spoken to her? Like I said trying to get a hold of her would make more sense for them than to post a little statment on Twitter that has basically no effect.
  7. If Britney would resume work once her dad is gone they would bombard her with questions and ask her why she does not request to terminate the c-ship and how it feels to be a globally famous woman (soon in her 40s) with a legal guardian still overseeing her personal stuff. Awkward as hell. I hope she hasn't been this gaslit.
  8. If this works in Britney's favor and she finds out about it, it could have a healing effect on her. I mean Britney is forever connected to the Disney machinery. Beside Star Search it was the first time that she was seen on television displaying her raw original talent and at a time before the world tainted her human innocence and life would hurdle all kinds of obstacles her way. I know you guys think I'm just rambling 😅 but hear me out. I think Brintey is very spiritual and has always been looking for meaning in her life. From some of her interviews since 2008 I get the impression that she sometimes wonders why she was sent on this exact path of life. If Disney's grandson could be a major stepping stone to regain her freedom things could, to a degree at least, come full circle. Am I making sense?
  9. The article is half rubbish. Sure pop hasn't been revolutionary in quite a while, one coule argue since the early 2000s if we're being really honest. But politics isn't the problem, it's tonedeaf to say that when Madonna has always used shock value to highlight certain issues, her 'Like A Prayer' video is BLM before BLM was even a so called thing. Same with Michael Jackson's 'Black or White' or 'They don't really care about us'. Certain artists have always infused their music and visuals with real world problems. Art isn't just escapism, it's also supposed to ruffle some feathers and take jabs at society.
  10. But faking her voice has probably damaged her vocal chords to good degree. Ariana is now refusing to do vocal impressions because she found out that manipulating her voice so much is actually quite damaging.
  11. That's the thing. She would be the first woman ever (I think) to give birth to a child while under a c-ship. But also being pregnant could give her even more drive to fight for the termination. But then again she and Sam could have used that argument for the past few years or not? I mean is their intimate life really this controlled that they are essentially forced to have safe s_x?
  12. This this this! Seriously, the undue influence that they're always using as an argument? It's them! It's all those liars, leeches and abusers who are part of this nonsense. They're painting this scary picture of the outside world that would harm Britney when it's actually them who are doing all the dirty work. And yes Britney had mingled with some shady people at one point in her life but setting her up like this is simply a crime!!
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