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  1. Maybe MGM was pushing for a performance as part of the announcement, but Jamie's team did not agree to that originally when planning the residency? The accouncement itself was so weird, there was something else going on that we still don't know about.
  2. Does anyone honestly like the original version better than the remix tho?
  3. Yes...and also someone mentioned Over to You Now which was a bonus track on the Chaotic EP. But hey they were unreleased before they were eventually released, you know?
  4. No but next time Britney releases an album, assuming it's great music, they should nominate and honor her.
  5. My favorite "unreleased" songs in order of most played: 1) TIE between Sugarfall and Trouble (you and I, left alone cannot be trusted) 2) Strangest Love 3) Sippin' On 4) And Then We Kiss remix 5) Guilty 6) Abroad 7) Girls & Boys
  6. She got best dressed on Fashion Police for her VMA black zipper dress! She looked incredible.
  7. Maybe when Britney heard about the new documentary, she heard how negative it would make JT look. Maybe she's really not bitter about him anymore and so she posted another dance video to his song as a way of keeping the peace when she knew this documentary would be coming out soon. She's probably more mad at the media than with Justin.
  8. My theory of the Domination cancelation after watching the new documentary: Britney wanted to cancel domination and refuse to work because she wanted to try to end the conservatorship. She was sick of their empty promises if she kept cooperating. As a reaction to her discussing ending Domination, her Dad's team said Britney's meds must be off, she's not thinking clearly, let's try one more time to get her to cooperate. The night of the Domination announcement she was forced to go on stage, but she didn't want to say anything verbally to promise her fans She would be doing a new residency, because she already knew, no matter what, She wouldn't commit to Domination. Her not speaking was a total shock to her team. Her team later decided they would indeed have to cancel the show, and her dad's team used Jamie's health as an excuse to give the public a reason that wouldn't hurt her long term image as much. The reason given from the leaked voicemail (about her meds needing to be adjusted) was the reason Jamie's team told the conservatorship team, and they pushed her into rehab as a result. Not necessary as punishment, but so they could say afterwards that she was treated and better, and now stable enough to make future work commitments. I'm sure Britney was in a fragile state just because of the stress of ending that new residency, being pissed at her team, etc. She may not have wanted treatment initially but knew she had to go and look good in the eyes of doctors to get back on track slightly towards freedom. If she lost her **** she would be trapped forever. Then in treatment she concluded in a mature manner she would like to go on indefinite hiatus, and told them she was done working. And they would need to hire a financial planner instead of Jaime to manage her retirement funds since she would no longer be bringing in all that money. I believe she's at a stand still with them. If she gets her freedom, she may decide to work a bit more. However they don't want her to work again unless it makes THEM money too, so they don't want to release her. It's sad.
  9. Is it true that the domination live announcement event was supposed to include a performance? If it was, can you imagine if her team started playing her backing track In Framing Britney Spears they said she was supposed to talk and perform...is that confirmed?
  10. I wonder if he was promised or told he had a strong chance to contribute to the next album a couple years ago and thought it was about to happen, and now he's pushing for them to follow through? He needs to chill and learn about why Britney is not working right now. The songs are good but nothing to come out of hiatus for.
  11. Katy dissing Britney ruined her for me personally. And also her general decline; no more good music, overexposed as far as being on TV. I think when she cut her hair short and started being political she lost some of her reach. She was HUGE and fun for a while, remember her 3D concert being released as a film in theaters? those days are long over. I never thought I would say this, but Taylor. She has enough pop hits that I enjoy a lot of her music. Her Reputation Era music videos and concert were great. She has more of a future than Katy and is so nice to Britney. But would I toss both Taylor and Katy in a dumpster if I could get Britney back? Absolutely.
  12. I kind of want to know more details. Did you see Britney backstage or offstage at this time? Did they run through the entire show at once, or did they stop and make notes or talk? Did Britney say anything? Did she laugh or act differently than she would during a live show?
  13. I wish it was being released as an actual documentary, instead of one episode of a series. Seems more legit than a YouTube video, though. This will certainly reach a wider audience and be taken more seriously than YouTube.
  14. I've never met Britney and worried I lost my chance forever after Domination was stopped. Now after this pandemic, I'm worried that even if Britney gets her freedom and does another tour someday, meet and greets are no longer something that will be offered. What do you think? It's a great way to make money, but comes at a risk.
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