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  1. You know I'm in @Slayer [We NEED more Femme Fatale's era gifs for sure^^ This one does NOT represent my current mood lol]
  2. "- But what do you want to say to people that say you haven't told enough? - Hum... I'll have a good book, one day... a good mysterious book." For The Record 41.47 mins.
  3. She's having fun, so the video was deleted... If someone have a reposted link
  4. This is how Britney should live today. Doing what she wants when she wants and managing her own business and life. She gained that.
  5. Nope : 10. Don't Cry : 8/10 Too much unbearable sounds but the music is good, needs a Mona Lisa remix (the original version).
  6. That's my comment for Passenger not : 9. Chillin With You (ft Jamie-Lynne Spears) : 0/10 do not even have the right to get a comment
  7. JK Good luck, I can't imagine the megarate's backstages... Should be some harsh work !
  8. Nooo, what's the matter with this sick world. That's so sad. Praying.
  9. Here we go, now finding myself listening to BJ... Promise that ceremony will be so E-P-I-C.
  10. I think that a mini ceremony before for the bonus track is a really good idea !
  11. I can see yellow again. Kisses on a child mouth, I just can't.
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