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  1. Tbh I’ve not enjoyed an era post-conservatorship as I just know it’s not her authentic self and all very generic. I’ve not enjoyed an era since black out or circus.
  2. But if this happened in the U.K... that wouldn’t lead to a conservatorship as they don’t exist here, she would just receive help. But anyway the conservatorship should of been in place for 12-18 months MAX and should of ended in 2010. not 12 ******* years. Britney probably has so much trauma and damage from all of this. likely never be the same person again.
  3. I honestly feel so sad for her. In my opinion i feel they’ve done more damage to her than 2007. Robbed her youth 20’s and 30’s when she should of been living life happy and free and spending all her own coin. What an earth made them think they deserved her hard working money? ******* leaches
  4. I am so F/ucking angry! I can’t wait till the day Britney makes a documentary and exposes them! What Horrible horrible vile people.
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