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  1. Katy Perry can’t do jack s*%t anymore and I used to be a huge fan. She enjoys being a blonde soccer mom now thinking that wearing quirky costumes on AI means something. A total waste of what could have been a long lasting career.
  2. Xtina needs to STOP being lazy. Periodt. Katy needs to STOP acting like a soccer mom with the blond hair and AI and no sexiness. Madonna needs to bring some hardcore fun bops like she’s had in the past. Nobody cares about Madame X and stupid music. Get them bops and act like the QUEEN you are!!!
  3. Exactly what are the WOMEN in her family doing about this? Her sister and mother are just fine she acts and posts pictures like this? Her two sons are ok their mother is portrayed like this? Kevin Federline is ok with this all for a paycheck?!! This is downright disgusting and NOT okay and all of this is NOT normal. Does she have some kind of mental illness that comes from space? I don’t believe it is THAT bad where they can’t find the right meds to balance her out. They have meds for ANXIETY!!!! Ridiculous and utter DISGUSTING that this continues to go on!!! Someone call CHER and ROSE McGowan and have all the Hollywood women take this on already! They all got in a tizzy over #metoo, why not bottle that energy into helping Brit.
  4. She should try one more time with BLACK LONG HAIR with her t-ts out doing some pop rock stuff. After that, do the damn accoustic album. Don’t waste the rest of her 30’s on some boring crap.
  5. Yes, she was cocky and said rude things while she was white hot at the time. I think she has matured. People act like she killed their beloved pet or something. It’s absolutely criminal the hate she gets. Smile the album is great pop. People don’t like her anymore because she is not playing the raven haired sl-t role. That’s honestly what the problem is.
  6. The entire album is beautiful breezy pop. CAIL, TE, and Tucked are fantastic!!! It’s criminal how the GP are treating Katy after she gave us such bops. CRIMINAL!!!!
  7. I don’t care anymore. Have the baby, and crawl under a rock for a year. Dye the hair black and come back with some legitimate bops.
  8. Jesus Christ this woman needs help. Her insta is creepy. Point. Blank. PeriodT.
  9. I just don’t understand why they can’t find the right meds to give her back even half of her freedoms. I Know none of know the exact extent of her mental issues, but come on already. It seems all she does is hang around her house and sometimes she goes out with Sam, etc. on little dates. When was the last time she was alllowed to go to a Target or Walgreens and buy herself a cute shirt, or a book, or some makeup, or go thru the McDonald’s drive thru??? Little things we take for granted and do all the time she can’t. It’s truly maddening.
  10. If she wasn’t arsed to produce a new album before all this Covid mess, she sure won’t now.
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