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  1. I don’t care anymore. Have the baby, and crawl under a rock for a year. Dye the hair black and come back with some legitimate bops.
  2. Jesus Christ this woman needs help. Her insta is creepy. Point. Blank. PeriodT.
  3. I just don’t understand why they can’t find the right meds to give her back even half of her freedoms. I Know none of know the exact extent of her mental issues, but come on already. It seems all she does is hang around her house and sometimes she goes out with Sam, etc. on little dates. When was the last time she was alllowed to go to a Target or Walgreens and buy herself a cute shirt, or a book, or some makeup, or go thru the McDonald’s drive thru??? Little things we take for granted and do all the time she can’t. It’s truly maddening.
  4. If she wasn’t arsed to produce a new album before all this Covid mess, she sure won’t now.
  5. Call the album meatballs and spaghetti just bring those damn bops!!!! (I’d also like another Tsunami please)
  6. Her daisies remix/pride video was great and made me take my stan card out of the trash. Don’t mess this up Katy. Keep it cute hunnie. And put out some BOPS.
  7. I’d also like a full apology to Britney before the album release.
  8. Yeah, she’s busting her *** promoting Daisies because she doesn’t care about the charts. While pregnant. During a pandemic. Ok sweetie. Also, dye your hair black again. Thanx.
  9. If they are gonna go ahead and give Smile the second single slot, it had better have a stellar music video. If that song flops, this era is cooked and DONE! With her having the baby and taking time off for that, etc. I don’t see much for this era. She better come super hard for KP6....but will anyone care by then???
  10. Don’t forget Daisies...🤣🤣🤣
  11. Don’t forget Daisies...🤣🤣🤣
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