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  1. This bit*h served us a full course meal! Visuals - check Insane bop single - check Her vocals - check Amazing dancing - check Hot both male and female dancers - check ****ing genius! Slay mama she saved the summer.
  2. I'm sorry but this is pure reach. Online justice warriors don't even know what they're fighting for at this point, nor do they know where's the fine line between actually fighting for a cause or literally being insane lol
  3. I live for the fact they gave Jisoo more dancing instead of keeping her hidden in the background The ***** has definitely been working on her dance moves, she's actually very good now. Also did you notice that at 2:23 when they say "look up in the sky its a bird its a plane" Jisoo and Lisa look at one another and giggle while Rose and Jennie didn't do that at all. There's a story behind it and I wanna know what is it.
  4. I was just gonna say If Ariana basically looks black, who can guarantee that Beyonce, INDEED, IS NOTHING BUT A VERY WELL TANNED ITALIAN WOMAN? Or should we call her ANNA MARIA LASTRASSI!
  5. I honestly think shes backing out from the music industry overall. It is obvious it doesn't bring her any happiness anymore, otherwise she would have released albums by now. And tbh, she shouldn't feel obliged to record music if she even hates setting her foot in a studio. I mean look what happened to Britney after being forced into the studio, 0 ambition and 0 charisma.
  6. This song reminds me of my ex BF it came out when we were in a very happy place, but today only hearing the song puts me in a bad mood
  7. Break Free by Ariana Grande makes me feel free, not only because of its lyrics but for the melody as well. Also I have precious memories attached to the song. Me and 3 of my friends roadtripping through Spain while the song is blasting hard. We were driving by the sea, i had my arm out the window while driving, and all my friends laughing in the background. It was truly one of those moments when youre so grateful for all you have and the immense happiness and freedom youre feeling
  8. I think she was on something tbh, like Fergie is a good vocalist obviously, so i bet she was drugged as **** here lol
  9. That's how I feel with seal it with a kiss it is sucha bop
  10. I think it's basically the same with any job if you think about it. I've started a couple of projects with this amazing idea in my head and to some point it was doing great, but then when I saw the final result I just realized it wasn't worth it. It is very defeating when you realize this I'm not gonna lie, you realize all your effort and mind-wrecking was for nothing and you feel like you wasted time. I'm pretty sure Pink and Britney felt the same, but sometimes it's simply not the outcome you hoped for and it's better to drop it
  11. That man is literal trash and has been for years now. How can someone be in their 40s yet still have a brain of 15 year old envious high school white girl is beyond me tbh. Some people never grow up and that is so sad
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