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  1. Alessia Cara. She Made Bops In 2016, They Were Such Good Summer Songs. She Deserves To Been A Princess Of Pop.
  2. You Don’t Know How Much I Love This Song. I Hate That I Don’t Hate It. I’m Probably Responsible For 99 % Of The Streams That Song Receives.
  3. I’m Grateful For Waking Up To The Birds Chirping, And The Sun Light Shining Through My Window.
  4. Yeah. He Also Seemed To Respect Her. He Is Also The One Who Spoke Against The Conservatorship, He Said She Shouldn’t Be In It. I Hope They Get Back Together Once Shes Free.
  5. I Actually Liked Charlie. I Thought He Is So Hot. He Treated Her Well And They Seemed Genuinely In Love . He Seemed Like A Good Guy.
  6. I’m 99 % Sure Jamie Can’t Do That. The Label Just Won’t Part With That Music. But, If In Whatever Way This Is True; He Bought The Future Recordings As Well..... So B10 Confirmed!
  7. She Needs To Release The Album while The GP Still Knows Her.
  8. A Perfect Pop Song Is A Track With Slick Production. A Song With Sweet Vocals, And A Beat That Has Multiple Layers To It.
  9. I Love Naya, My Fav From Glee. Such A Beautiful Soul Lost. May She Rest In Piece #RIPNayaRivera
  10. We. Been. Knew. But There Are Mixes Where Britney Sings The Chorus:
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