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  1. why are u even here? Isnt there a beyonce forum? And yes u absolutly right britney dont dance anymore like she used too but for example beyonce does the same dancemoves for 20 years now? And ? And yes selena gomez for example has many followers but is she succesfull? Instagram is about "Looks" and style and glamour so of course Britney Insta doesnt have all that
  2. But why Jason Alexander says then that he is a poster boy and not her real boyfriend?? Who speaks the truth
  3. Dont u guys get tired of Old britney new britney ? U think u will be the same for 70 years? I like the video but not in the context of her Video walking and just having fun thats so rude
  4. So true. Its actual sad what he did putting politics over friendships Not that Im a Trump Supporter or anything. I dont live in the US
  5. this makes me so mad :,( why is she smoking . It isnt good for health and appearance + skin
  6. How can people say that she is a complete different person just because she shows of her dresses and walks a bit? Thats so sick to think that
  7. Do u really think the gap is gone? I mean about one month ago she posted the vid with sam and it was full gap is it even possible?
  8. Katy Sound is the same for 12 years so No development music sound and performence wise
  9. The Black Pink youtube streams with near 40 millions views are helping her alot + Ariana
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