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  1. Well it's okay. I didn't know Myah was singing 95% of Work *****. I just thought Britney was being British.
  2. I think Britney is the lead singer and Myah is the backing vocalist in Circus. But just not the case for her pre-recorded track. They seem to use Myah's vocals instead of Britney's.
  3. I mean Britney is lipped to Myah vocal in the tour. But the album version is Britney in the front, Myah in the back.
  4. Here's the PARTS that remind me of Myah. Do you guys hear it? Why do they use Myah vocal for the prerecorded track? In the album version, Britney is the center and Myah's voice is way less obvious. All the EYES OOOON MEEEEE IN THE CENTER OF THE RING JUST LLLLLIKE A circus When I CRACK THAT whip, EVERYBODY GOINNNNN' trip JUST LLLLLIKE A circus DOOOON'T SSSTAND THERE watching me, follow me Show me what you can do Everybody let GOOOOO, we can make a DANCE FLOORR Just like a CIRCUSSS Compare with this:
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