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  1. When it comes to her instagram account I realized if you go back a year or so b4 everything she would post things she was doing with her kids. Now she never post pics of them or really anyone and it's basically just the same old same old. At this point im wondering if Britney is even on planet earth anymore.
  2. When someone asks me the craziest thing that happened in 2020... E News got canceled.
  3. Judge asks Britney what restrictions would you like to have lifted? Britney - well
  4. I'm new to the site and so far been enjoying it.
  5. I honestly can't with this guy. Look at all the **** he's involved in since he met brit. B4 then he was a construction worker on noharmony's music video. Once shes rid of him hell be like the rest of the hotties out there sucking d on ****hub for that paycheck.
  6. Miley always trying to stay relevant but she does have some good music. Idk why cattitude flopped I was feeling it
  7. I'm definently not excited and didn't want to start a forum for rumors. It was more just relevant to the recent trend of people coming out saying how bad hollywood is and in Britneys case with everything it's just hard to imagine she never experienced sexual harrassment in any way, we even saw G easy guy try at the vma's. It could be anything from a simple butt grab like Taylor's situation, but it's still not right. And from the responses it seems I'm not the only one who's thought this could of happened to her, cause really it can happen to anyone.
  8. I think it's both. She has some control and her team does so as well. I think everything goes through her team but I think some days they say you need to do this and some days shes like I like this I want to share it. I love Britney but this is how I imagine Britney is sometimes lol
  9. I dont care if shes a ***** but I hate when these people act like saints giving away money on their shows and then they go back to their 10 million dollar mansions. Did ya watch her comedy special. Shes so far out of reality. First walk the talk. And second ******* Americans falling for this ****. We keep making them richer while they steal our money and we scramble around for scraps.
  10. Anyone who's actually talked to Britney more than a second, what was your impression of her. Is she cool, nice, normal or stuck up? Just curious I always say I would keep my chill but idk.
  11. That was so funny. I love bloopers, that ***** busted her *** at 1:20ish
  12. I think you need to elaborate on this. Downward spiral with drugs, or with mental illness because I would react differently bc it would be situational. If she got addicted to drugs and ended back in the conservatorship... If she has mania and goes on a Kanye West melt down
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