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  1. I dragged her for her photoshopped pictures and then coming out in public looking some type of way. Shes famous it's what she asked for. I get dragged by people but I dont make millions off it. Must suck to be rich and famous I pity their poor lives. She ain't here for her fans and its evident. Once this conservative dramas done I'm throwing my stan card away like so many others.
  2. I ain't classy, I get a little gassy, and I'll fart all over you after I kick your little *****.
  3. So no bra, I mean her **** are so close to her knees at this point. Look honey you need to wear a bra, those big babies need support, do it for your back. Then her lips look like they got some more injections. I hate this trend I wish it would die already. She definitely is not in as good of shape as her photoshopped Instagram pics make her look, but hey they could be 2017 pics she took and is posting them at this point. Thought she was more real than the rest of hollywood but shes becoming a plastic. Go right on with the downvotes yawl thinking it, I just said it.
  4. Both have flopped pretty hard in the last 5 years but who is flopping harder?
  5. Looking at some of her recent instagram pics I noticed shes kinda losing her authentic look. You can tell it's her but she just doesn't look like Britney anymore. I know age is one thing but idk how to pinpoint what exactly seems so different about her. I'm curious if she had work done. What are your thoughts?
  6. Britney keeps mentioning it on her Instagram. Any ideas?
  7. For making me a hardcore fan and having me check to see status updates every hour. Not even the hottest guy has that power over me.
  8. Everyone who is a fan knows she has some sort of anxiety disorder, a lot different than Dementia
  9. They definently arnt letting Britney have access to a phone. How do I know. Scrolled through her Instagram she use to take mirror selfies with her phone and had other post you could tell where taken with a phone. It would explain the weird camera photos shes been taking with that background. I bet you she isn't allowed to have unsupervised access to a phone. Something ain't right, we need to find out what's really going on.
  10. I feel like people hate on him because hes younger. It's weird for a guy to date an older woman in society so people are already like "what's your agenda." Meanwhile, while people be hating hes like
  11. Let's make it happen for our girl! What better way! Let's set it up opening or closing act! Make it heard!
  12. Not feeling it. BP needs hard beats, no some girly pop music. Some parts are okay, but it's not for them in my opinion.
  13. Where my computer nerds at. Let's get it trending or have it displayed during it. Come on warriors where ya at. Let's take the opportunity and make it a thing. They have used her and thrown her aside. Time for them to pay it back.
  14. Britney is probably very child like unfortunately. She hasn't had to mature bc of the conservatorship and having the money to have people do everything for her. Maturity doesn't come with age it comes with experiences. You will chose to grow when faced with a situation or you can stay child like. She hasn't had a situation like that to grow from. A lot of celebrities are like this not just Britney, she's just worse off bc of the conservatorship.
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