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  1. I think we can all agree Britney hates being taken advantage of and her restraints. but she is an artist at heart and at will before all this. i cannot in my heart feel that she doesn't want her fans to be happy and enjoy content from her despite the ****show she is living. i just can't. and that's not coming from the selfish wanting new music part of me. tbh I'm a big fan of ITZ and blackout only (musically.. and with some selections from Britney and Glory ((and her greatest production ever, inside out))) so i'm not even that desperate for this stuff to come out - still excited to hear it, though. Anyway, I'm rambling and digressing. I'm a pretty objective and rational person and I can't imagine Britney wants her fans to abandon something like this that is more of a keeping relevancy/fulfilling agreement ploy than a cash grab imo.
  2. I don't want to be insensitive because it truly does suck what you're going through. I just find it a little... unusual that you are comparing scenarios in your life to Britney Spears music videos/songs. If that sounds like a holier-than-thou statement, it isn't intended to be. But I don't think many people nowadays can be brutally honest and I think maybe you need it here. It's a bit silly. Still, none of this sounds easy to deal with so I am sorry. On the flip side I am one who says everyone has to go thru **** in their own way so who am I to comment.
  3. Baby Boys (...) BOM Slave Everytime Gimme More (I think she likes it despite the VMAs) Toxic Touch of my hand If u seek amy Do you wanna come over (ugh) Piece of me wow this is starting to look like vegas
  4. Sounds like they need to re-mix and reimagine BJ then. It’s still probably... well, I don’t want to use the word garbage because I love Britney and she is talented but Will nor anyone else did her any justice. I also think she started with a certain vibe of it being personal and all and either she got in a bad place and wasn’t into it, or had so little creative control that she didn’t give a ****. It’d be interesting to know how different it all sounded with proper mixing. But honestly just leave it in the past. (IMO)
  5. I don’t think you’re trying to fight. I wouldn’t call this fighting. But I think you’re completely oblivious to how insensitive you’re coming off. Is English your first language? I ask that respectfully. Because if it’s not I would be a lot more understanding.
  6. Miley Edit: I see Jordan already referenced her lol
  7. And conversely (my last comment), you don’t always need to share your experiences when they blatantly offend and disrespect someone who cannot help the way they are. Jesus.
  8. We have gotten to the point where everything has to be so tactful, diplomatic, and gentle. It’s annoying honestly. Sia is being harassed and she is probably a genuine good person with love for everyone. Let her snap back. Political correctness is so damn annoying these days! Sia has done NOTHING wrong here. People need to be more objective.
  9. Keep sitting around trashing the man Britney is in a relationship with and possibly even wants to marry. I’m sure she appreciates it and doesn’t find it disrespectful at all. I swear some of y’all should file for co-conservatorship so you can tell her what’s good for her and what’s not, just like papa. it’s not about “freedom to comment”, it’s about respect. People constantly scream and shout that she is a human being when it comes to team con and the conservatorship, so why don’t y’all actually treat her like one. She isn’t asking for relationship advice. Leave it alone. Let her make her own mistakes if there is any to be made here.
  10. Thankfully! The only downfall of DWAD, lol. It was produced well and “fun”, but it just felt out of place for me personally. But I’ve always had something against that song for some reason.
  11. As someone who has never seen Dua before, I can tell you with fresh eyes it looks great and not awkward at all.
  12. To be fair, those pants don’t mean much to his family. I’m sure they were proud of him, but they don’t have the same meaning as they do to stans. I mean if they want them sure, let them have them. But I’d be a little surprised if they cared. They’re probably more concerned with someone trying to profit off their dead relative.
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