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  1. In my professional experience, when people say they are at peace and not in pain, they are very serious. The only silver lining is that she implies it's not imminent as she wants to wrap some projects so hopefully her mindset will change by then. No matter what you've done in the past, feeling so low you want your life to end has to be one of the worst emotions a human can feel. Dealing with "normal life ****" is hard enough, can't imagine feeling that hopeless.
  2. I tend to agree that she does post most things. Don't say it too loud though, we are definitely a minority and people have forgotten that it's okay to have a different opinion than others. Do people really think that Britney knowingly records all these videos (probably hundreds more) with the intention of letting them sit in her camera roll? And then her team logs in to her icloud, posts the photos/video, and Britney doesn't know about it? Please!
  3. You know how she does heavy motions with her tongue on the letter 'L' and such? I think they've brightened her tongue and front teeth to emphasize it with the close-ups. You can tell the inside of her mouth is dark and shadow-y and yet her tongue (which is inside her mouth) looks like there's a light shining directly on it putting the rest of her mouth "in the background". Our brains are smart and perform little calculations all the time without you even knowing. It's noticing the depth perception and brightness does not coincide with the surroundings.
  4. I actually can't even believe how much time I put into it. Especially for it to then just play when I get into the car smh.
  5. But Jordan will want them on the site for views I'm not talking ****, it's his job... I just feel like Team c-ship knows this forum very well and if there's a glimmer of hope that this could be true, if it's being done on her own accord it will surely be shut down. IF it's true, shame on whoever leaked it.
  6. So since we know how much power team c-ship has, why are we letting this be put out there? We really need some kind of locked forum. Signing up doesn't seem enough. Minimum post count could help. And you could weed people out by the things they're posting to reach the number to get in the private forum. @Jordan Miller
  7. The perfect gif that summarizes the way every person here feels lol i want to belieze
  8. I can't even believe this bulls**t. When I first saw this post the other day I knew I had the song. I did EVERYthing to try and find it. I’m not kidding. Tried to Shazam. Nothing (obviously because it’s pitched). Then I screen recorded it. Sent it to my Mac. Detached the audio. Then found an online audio editing program which let me play with the pitch and slow it down. Tried Shazaming. Nothing. I spent forever on this. THEN TODAY, I get in my car, the dash Spotify app starts my library on shuffle and it’s the first song to play. im pissed
  9. Why is no one talking about the fact that it’s deleted. Am I the first one to miss it :/
  10. Man I've never heard this before but I really miss that signature late 90's early 00's pop/r&b sound!
  11. I don't believe that because even in this video you can hear a guy say "she heard him"
  12. it is 100% Britney. I cannot even fathom the fact that people think this is fake. But this is back when it was probably necessary for people to intervene in her life.
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