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  1. The younger generation really needs to take a deep dive into her discography. Obviously they know the big hits like Baby, Oops and Toxic, but she has so much in her catalogue that was never mainstream single material that I really think the younger generation would love. My baby sister was born in 2000 so I always age her by Oops I Did It Again, and even though she grew up with a huge Britney fan for a brother, there’s songs she’ll hear all the time that are brand new to her. Most of the time I am so thankful I grew up in the age of Britney, but sometimes I am so envious of these younger generations just getting to discover her catalogue for the first time and learn so much about why Britney is such a superstar. Imagine being able to hear all of her music again for the first time? 😍
  2. We as fans and supporters of her need to stay vigilant and continue to press on the movement to the public. If Britney was able to say something without it resulting in consequences, she would have done so already. What would those consequences be? I’m not sure. We don’t know what is actually going on behind those closed doors. What we do know is that the conservatorship has clearly been corrupt towards her from the start so we really don’t know what they’re capable of right now, but there’s a huge spotlight on all of them. She is simply trying to lay low and not bring any additional attention to herself from team con and the judges. She continues to have faith in her fans and the movement. It’s in our hands right now, and slowly but surely things are progressing for her. We have to keep putting this microscope on everything. We as a fan base have really exposed so much of it, and Britney without a doubt must be so thankful. We finally got Ingham to actually speak on behalf of Britney, and not team cons. We got rid of Loucifer, we got the Bessemer Trust appointed as co-conservator of the estate. None of this would have been possible without our help. We also have to remember Jamie is currently NOT conservator of her person. What kind of influence he has on Jodi, no one is really sure, but she’s been relatively quiet and Britney seems to have some sense of personal freedom. We just haven’t been able to see much of it since she has been laying low. What’s probably tricky is how often the estate and person cross paths since they are currently both controlled by different people. We’re doing it guys, just unfortunately as quickly as they put her in the conservatorship, it won’t be as quick to get her out. We all just need to stay vigilant and keep the awareness alive. Daddy Spears and Team con have been doing a great job at making themselves look silly so let them continue to do so, and we’ll keep putting the pressure on Sam Ingham to continue doing the right thing for Britney.
  3. Honestly I am going to go out on a limb here and say this is not completely true. The only way I can see Britney retiring this early in her career is if the conservatorship does not get dissolved. Singing, dancing, and performing have always been a major part of who Britney is as a person. With that being said, however, the conservatorship has made her passion into something that benefits everyone around her, but not herself. If I was her, I wouldn’t work again either until I have free reign to create my art the way I want to create it. If she can get that freedom back, I can see her becoming very inspired to pour her whole heart and soul into her career again. Until then she couldn’t be bothered, and I don’t blame her for a second.
  4. No offense to Taylor, but the red catsuit from the Oops video alone was more iconic than anything in Taylor’s entire career. Just saying.
  5. Honestly, it’s not a matter of disliking her, it’s more of an opinion of thinking she is overrated. She wouldn’t have survived as a solo artist without the help of Destiny’s Child, and I feel like she slaps Kelly and Michelle in the face every chance she gets. I think she has definitely put out some iconic and great material, but I don’t see the hype like other people claim her to be. I personally would rather listen to/watch Rihanna 🤷🏻‍♂️
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