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  1. & when the system was wrong about other things (same-*** marriage) - he very much fought the system because *it’s what was right* Forshame.
  2. I freaking love that. Too bad I’m in the Bible Belt.
  3. Everytime was even censored. Britney wanted it even more graphic - to which I was COMPLETELY down for! Tired of her being forced to be a watered down artist due to “her image”, “her brand”, “her target audience” etc.
  4. “Like a loser” - the shade! Losing her mind this year? How would you like worse treatment for 12 years?
  5. Performances like this remind me how I fell in love with her. When she still had to prove herself as an artist. Soo what if she’s struggling to sing? She’s still singing live - what a rare gift. Those kind of sentiments are why she lip syncs 100% of the time now.
  6. You think there’s a chance he will be excommunicated for supporting Free Britney? 😔
  7. 12 year old me (the target audience) didn’t enjoy this song when Oops came out & I haven’t thought about it since.
  8. Very. I can’t outright dismiss this theory when she has a song about it.
  9. Idk why people are so dismissive to the look-a-like theories but open to all of the other ones. They’re all interesting to hear.
  10. Am I reading this right? Britney pays a lawyer that she didn’t hire $10,000 a week?
  11. OMFG. I haven’t laughed out loud like that in I can’t tell you how long. I cannot thank you enough for blessing me like that. True hilarity.
  12. I’m down for an album full of Don’t Keep Me Waiting’s ❤️
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