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  1. Hello!! Thanks for the opportunity to interview you. Mood ring is a great track! 1. Where you in the studio with Britney while she recorded her vocals? 2. If so, how is she in the studio? How does her vocals sound without the tricks and pro tools? 3. If you were Britney's A&R, which writers an producers would you recommend her to work with? 4. What aspects would you highlight from Britney's vocals? 5. Why do you think the song Mood Ring was not included in the standard edition and just in Japan? 6. What was the process of writing the song Mood Ring? While you wrote it, could you ever think that Britney would finally recorded? 7. As a vocal producer, which Britney songs do you think that capture her best vocals? 8. Do you think that we have listened to Britney's full potential as a vocalist? 9. What is your best wish for Britney? THANK YOUUUU
  2. Hello!! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!! 1. When you got involved in Britney's recording sessions, did producers tell you to simulate her vocals? 2. Were you conscious from the beginning that you were used as a ghost singer? 3. Why Britney is not able to sing? Nodules? Bad habits? What happened to her vocals chords? She had a very prodigious voice until she recorded the album 'Ooops...! I Did it Again' 4. Do you think management, AR, producers... etc thought Britney's fan base would never discover you as a ghost singer? Why do you think this topic has never jumped to press? 5. Have you shared time in the studio with Britney? If so, how does her real voice sound? Like this? 6. Knowing Britney's team and environment, what do you think fans should do to help her? 7. Are you for or against FreeBritney movement? 8. And finally, do you think we will listen to her natural voice again? Hope so... Thanks so much!!
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