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  1. I beg to differ. I agree that most of the songs sound familiar somehow, but this album is like a therapy for me, especially tracks like Fun Tonight, Sine From Above, Alice, 911 and Rain On Me. I have dissociative identity disorder and it's been a rough year for me, and she's helped me a lot with her simple yet on-point lyrics. I absolutely feel her, even though we have different struggles. So Justice For Chromatica!
  2. Fun Tonight by Lady Gaga. Or Sine From Above. Or Rain On Me. Hard to choose just one!
  3. I believe this song is her "reimagined" She'll Never Be Me. This topic seemed important for her. I have a feeling this is her only personal song on Glory, so I'm not surprised she claims it is her favorite track.
  4. I remember when this song came out I thought "oh no, another cover again" because I've never really supported this "habit" of hers, doing covers of former hits. I only liked Satisfaction after the MTV performance, but I hated I Love Rock 'N' Roll for example... so I was a bit disappointed with My Prerogative back then. But it aged well, now I'm happy she's recorded it. Plus I'm a huge CD (singles) collector, and I think the picture for the stardard version is one of her bests, she looks so f-ing good on it.
  5. Hey guys, I'm one of her OG fans, I'm stanning her since '98, yes, I feel old haha. So here are some of my own confessions (I like this "game", please don't drag me, I'm new): - I didn't like the sound of BOMT when I've heard at the first time. I loved the video, the costumes, the colors and the choreography, not the song itself, but I was singing it because everybody was singing it. - I thought I'm A Slave 4 U was awful. It had a premiere on the most popular radio station's evening show, whose host was also a stan, he was "in love" with Britney, an older guy (we can say it was effing creepy). She was always #1 with her songs, but after Slave... everybody was like... ummm... wtf is this song? But then everybody liked its video, yet the song never became that popular like her older bops. I still hate Slave while I love the video. 'Britney' the album felt a failure in general, I have to admit that, it was just not good enough, especially after the Crossroads fiasco. Magazines has started to mock her constantly. - I've seen her live at concert (Onyx Hotel) and I was bored af. I wanted so badly to see her, I bought the best ticket and it was just meh. It felt the crowd thought the same, and we only enjoyed Toxic and MATM, so it became like a party at the beginning, just too short. Then I saw her again with Femme Fatale, it wasn't good, although the production was spectacular and the songs were obviously catchy, and she did her best to entertain people, so I know a lot of people who had fun, but I didn't, and I felt ashamed. I wanted a tour like DWAD was, that's still my favorite of all, but I couldn't attend to it. - I always hated Everytime, I wanted Shadow to be the third single. And my favorite song was Brave New Girl on ITZ and I still like it. Yeah I wanted the bubble gum because I didn't like r&b songs that much. Toxic felt really special and I was in love with it until it became so popular. I was over it by then. ITZ is not in my Holy Trinity, it felt just ok. MATM was my life back then (yes, even that lame remix on the album), I loved it and hated the video, it looked cheap. Now my favorite track of the album is Early Mornin'. - I thought Do Somethin' was lame, especially its video. The same with Mona Lisa and Rebellion, I hated the snippet on her website, but then it turned out those were more than just songs, the whole Original Doll idea etc. - I believe Circus was the last "Britney" album. Until that she was telling a story about herself, her life, but everything went just wrong and calculated with Femme Fatale. It doesn't matter how much I love that album because I honestly do, it wasn't personal anymore while I felt Circus still was. - I'm really missing "the old Britney", her dance style and her look, her original face, and I can't help it. I'm stanning her because I love her very much and am loyal, but now I'm more into her personal life and struggles, I want justice for her, but I can't see her as a pop star, a singer or a dancer anymore. I see a different person and it always hurts. Am I a flop fan? I feel we have such a looong history with my girl, she feels like a family member, she just doesn't know I exist. Sorry I didn't want to sound too negative, but this topic is about confessions, so...
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