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  1. Britney did not blow through all this money herself.That's what her conservatorship team wants you to believe because the money is all being siphoned off by her beloved family and the rest of "her" team.And yes i do believe Britney has grossed this large a networth because she has been around a lot longer and accomplished more than other artists that have a networth of 300-500 million.I don't believe Jamie's narrative that the court would oversee all expenses if things are being swept under the table and the right people paid off.
  2. As much as i dislike Scam Asshat.Wouldn't wish another heartbreak on Britney since she seems so attached.Girlfriend has been through enough.
  3. As someone mentioned above Britney hooked up with Columbus Short, was all over Snoop and Tyrese Gibson or whatever that guy's name is from her toxic music video.No way is she racist.Pretty sure a racist wouldn't **** a person of color and I don't believe that they really have this view of Britney either.They are just creating a sensational story for their 15 minutes of fame, as they are no longer sucessful and never really made it big.
  4. He's prob 3 sheets to the wind talking about "you dumb ****.Alcoholism is a mental disorder in a way but drunks insult others all the time and lend their "professional opinion" while they trip over their own two feet and **** themselves
  5. Literally made a whole thread replying to yourself.I can't even 😂.
  6. Always with those damn shorts and ruffle tops.Granny chic . Forget about better choreographers, Britney is in desperate need of a stylist and has been in need of a stylist for a decade. Splurge on that Lou.
  7. The GP views Madonna as queen.Her 300 Million records sold worldwide and longevity puts her ahead of all female artists.Britney is seen by half the GP as a 90s/00s messy has-been but by the other half she is indeed a pop legend.I love Madonna, however Britney is my queen and that's all that matters to me at the end of the day and your opinion should be all that matters to you.To each their own❤❤.
  8. I have a hard time taking anyone seriously with the username unicorn panties Another day, yet another "source"
  9. Ikr? I was expecting some exhale shutdown or the creation of a new website(yet again).Was about to post that exhale is dead because Britney's career is dead right now.
  10. As if Sam lufti has a good name to smear😂Thinks he is a household name. All for any kind of suing of Loucifer Taylor though.
  11. Aspiring actor good ole Sam Asshat makes an appearance that nobody asked for yet again
  12. Love that she's happy but those dance moves...WTF.Gf's going to give herself whiplash
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