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  1. Considering how long cascada song has been out still a better song than fun tonight
  2. well it did drop off the charts as quick as it charted says alot bout how bad it was
  3. would not call chromatica a great album didnt add anything to the genres it sampled .. sounded tired and done before
  4. Ur came at me with thinking that was my intention when not at all i just found the songs sounded similar same structure and that it ,
  5. hope the links works a mashup of both madonna instrumental and Alice https://rave.dj/wDqobyEJ8Q-TDw
  6. not sure if this link will work but here is a mashup https://rave.dj/wDqobyEJ8Q-TDw
  7. sorry my bad dont remeber this topic (ALice) being brought up before
  8. u dont see any similarities im ok with that but Alice remains Supreme OMG
  9. i get wat your saying and agree to some level but didnt gaga Born this way sound so similar to madonna express your self so copying music style is a way of officially sampling music and paying royalties now.. secondly her song Babylon Totally copies Madonna Vogue ..
  10. weirdly no other house music sounds like nothing really matters .. but Alice does .
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