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  1. Her excuse is that she's fu*king scared of Britney's stans that would being involves her on the free britney cship scandal. At least I guess I really have difficulties to imagine someone paying 150$ to ask her what is her favorite candle perfume rather than something about her sister She feared that m&g would have transformed into a free britney rally Rightfully so
  2. Perfecto use if that emote tbh That is true tho, when people say that success is a cake and everyone can have a piece of it I'm like how big is this effin cake Btw I've seen her ema's performance and I've notice she tries to do that whispering rnb Marya thing that ariana is doing, and she even use her "yuh". Like gurl
  3. No one talks about my dear Angèle Poor baby 
  4. Album is full of bop. My fav is happiness So vip
  5. Make me think about that woman who said that she'll shoot britney if she had the opportunity because she inspired girls to wear crop top or whatever
  6. You're probably right but it does not make sense for me even money wise. Given the fact that the show relies on production, dance and esthetics. I can't comprehend the fact that they would be that cheap
  7. If she did it herself I don't think it was to cut funds. It has been rumoured that britney does not like to sit and have someone touch her for a long time. But low-key I feel like her (con)team does not want her to talk or have a connection with anybody so... It wouldn't surprise me if they cut the mua for that specific reason
  8. Same , and let's not forget it s all about the rank since the notes are all relly high, the difference btw them is really small. Even the last ones got good grades
  9. If breathe on me had a clip, it would have been the sexiest of all time. Considering what SHE did on stage But it's totally ok since we have the ig version
  10. Yes. I also feel like she has control of her instagram for a while now. But honestly nothing surprise me anymore. I think they approve each post tho. This is cute and ****, she looks banging. She probably feel like she is in control of her body and as a woman I kinda feel that lol. I like this creative free and authentic britney 10000 times better than overcontroled robotic britney. For so many years she never shared anything with us, beside aseptic content, I'm just happy she likes to share with us more now.
  11. Who cares tho Britney's success relies almost entirely on her fans. She does not appeal as much as before to a newer public. So if it is more about quality than hits and bangers, I'm ok with that. I would rather have a good album, like glory or blackout flopping than another FF garbage that go number 1 but is totally forgotten years later.
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