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  1. It's scary because you will be able to make anyone do anything, say anything, but also because people will use it for their defense when they are caught in camera doing something wrong. "That's a deep fake" is the new "I was hacked / it's photoshopped"
  2. Considering that she wrote it, that he was an alcoholic.. and the fact they divorced around this time... I think this is pretty literal. the guts you need to say that about your own father This gif btw is pretty revealing
  3. Because he is a 20 something yo youtuber/ influencer that have been in multiples dramas and scandals and he's considered as problematic and entitled. Though he may be like this, he also has been through a lot last year and have been bullied and falsely (to this day) accused of ***ual harassment/ r***. And he looks like this because he is doing heavy makeup on his channel.
  4. That guy seems adorable and she seems genuinely happy in the picture. But I thought the use of the body double was proven? In the making of or something...
  5. Yes, and like this one from him I love the bridge / verse though, not a big fan of the chorus melody toohttps://youtu.be/mA6YDuB73Pk
  6. Hating on any female artist * Even katy perry, like I don't care about the girl but since we think, rightly so, that people needs to apologize to britney, we must think about the effect the word we say, even here. So we don't have to apologize later for the pain we caused. And if your excuse is that one time she mocked britney, let's remember that what she said was nothing compared to what was said here sometimes.
  7. She says she says that because she wants to approach britney so she needs to be in good terms with Jamie. She basically tells it in the snippet, she actually doesn't really think that. But anyway she should be careful with her words, as much as I have some sort of affection for this girl she's always kinda gaslighting people and playing victim when it backfires. So... just ignore it
  8. Also, maybe she was told to say so, but I think she could have take this decision, as a way to protect herself from question about her se*ual life. Like, if she says she does not have a s*xual life, they won't ask her about it. But it became an obsession sadly
  9. She was asked in 2000-2001 by a journalist. She said yes. I think the question was asked because she had that image of christian lolita from the south, and because she was "blurring the line" for them (in a very manichean way) with her "***iness", her clothes But mostly because she was considered as an object by males and society in general. At this time, people really thought a girl's ***uality and body was their business, and that they had a word to say. And I say that because at this time (2004-2007), I was a girl in middle school (14 yo lol) and I suffered a lot with that. You can't imagine how grown *** people, man and woman, would think this is ok to shame girl for her apparence, her "promiscuous" behaviour, her clothes, or simply because other people project s xual things on her. The "slutty virgin teen" was a fantasy that GROWN UP people had.
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