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  1. I will always root for Lindsay. She seems happy, and looks absolutely gorgeous.
  2. It looks great on her! Love Hilary!
  3. Haha this made my day lol... and honestly... same.. 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
  4. Personally, I thought this was pretty great. It’s been a crazy stressful morning at work, and life in general. This made me smile, and that instrumental is on point. I don’t think Jordan had any true ill intentions in doing this. Lets cut one another a break and remember to lift each other up! Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Love to all
  5. I’m cautiously optimistic about this! But nervous as well. At least from the trailers so far, it seems like this might actually be a good thing. However I’ll have to wait and see. 😬
  6. Oh gosh, I wish I had a more exciting answer to this but legit, pretty much anything spicy or with Buffalo/hot sauce... Chicken wings are hands down my all time favorite 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. Jordan- Thank you so much for being vulnerable and sharing something so personal. I was raised to avoid topics like finances, politics, etc., Pretty much anything too personal, you just didn’t really talk about. But over the past year or so I’ve really been striving to try to open up communication in my own life about topics like this, with loved ones, friends, whoever. It’s been a pretty great experience for me. There are things I didn’t have a clue about with people in my life, things that they had gone through, even things like debt that they were dealing with. I think sometimes it’s easy to look in from the outside, and assume that maybe someone appears to have the “perfect life” or have it all together, but in reality every single person has struggles of their own, and nothing is perfect. Getting so real and sharing something like this isn’t always easy, and of course Jordan, there will be haters, there always are. But I hope that you find strength in sharing your truth, whatever it may be. I for one am thankful you did, and wish that there were more instances like this in the world, where maybe if we could all just be a little more vulnerable and real, we could see that we are all only human and doing the best we can. There is something so powerful in what you are doing and what you shared. Life happens, debt happens. Things happen. But never let things like that, any so called “failures” or “mistakes” keep you from seeing all of the wonderful accomplishments you have made. BreatheHeavy, this community that you created, brings together so many people from all over the world. People that would possibly never cross paths, or get to know one another, have all come together on this site to Stan our fav Queens such as Miss Spears. And this has grown into so much more than just that over the years. For many, it is a safe space to feel included, understood, and a place to be yourself. I always say you never know what people are going through, and for me personally, this site has been my go to at some of my most difficult times when I’ve felt truly alone, or down. So IMO, you have been successful beyond measure in doing just that, creating a place people feel like they can belong, and I’m incredibly thankful that you did. Proud of you for all you have accomplished, and the strides your making to continue to set and accomplish your goals. Keep on inspiring others and doing your thing, and never give up man! You got this!
  8. Hey everyone! I saw this topic, and it’s been on my heart for a few days, and I felt I really wanted to share as this touches really close to home for some reason. I’ve never really posted much on here, and my reply might be a little long, but I’ll do my best to keep it as short as possible. A little background on me: I’m 29, from the US, and grew up in a traditional, southern Baptist family in Georgia. I grew up struggling with my ***uality, and didn’t come out as gay until I was 17. Britney was my first cd I ever got, and although I was always a fan, I didn’t become a hardcore fan until I was 16. In February of 2008, I was involved in a terrible car accident that left me with two broken feet, a broken leg, two fractured vertebrae in my spine, a head mild injury, and bruising to my kidneys, organs. Needless to say, I was in a wheelchair for months, unable to do too much. I can remember laying in bed on my computer, reading breatheheavy, and unfortunately Perez Hilton, keeping tabs with Britney and what was going on in her life. You see, up until my accident, I was the quiet, good kid who rarely got in trouble, spoke out, rebeled, etc. but after the brain injury, and years of hiding my ***uality, something snapped and I was a totally different person. In much the same way that we all watched Britney back in those days thinking what will she do next, or she’s crazy, many people felt the same about me. I rebeled, got into trouble, spoke my mind, came out, was partying too much, etc. in a way, I felt I could relate to Britney, especially with all I was going through. Her music became my escape, and her story became my inspiration. She was at her lowest, all in the eye of the public, yet she came back stronger than ever and continue to defy expectations. Throughout the years, there have been many songs that I’ve loved. With every Britney era, I’ve had my own “era” per say, where those albums and songs resonated with me and what I was going through at the time. So for me it’s hard to pick a favorite. And honestly her whole discography is incredible to me. Gimme more would have to be my go to, and I still get chills to this day every time I hear it. Some of my others include, Out from Under, Till the World Ends, Lucky, Someday, Unusual You, to name a few. However my current favorite that’s been on replay is Swimming in the Stars, for a very personal reason. It’s hard to write this, but I’d like to share. For the past 5 years I’ve been in a very toxic and sometimes abusive relationship with the man I thought I’d spend forever with. He was my first true love, and unfortunately I ignored many red flags. He is an addict, and I fought so hard to help him for years, but to no avail. I tried over the years to leave the situation, but I never could. Eventually his addictions became mine, and I struggled to regain my life and myself. A little over a year ago, I checked myself into a mental health facility. I knew I needed to take charge of the situation and my mental health before it became too late, so I did. This was also my way to get away from him. When I left the facility, I moved out, and thought it would be my fresh start, but sadly that wasn’t the case. Fast forward to now, he has managed to control and manipulate me to the point I’ve nearly lost everything. I’ve become a shell of who I once was, and I’m back to square one. I have such a story to tell, and this is not even a fraction of it, and hopefully one day I’ll be able to tell it. Nobody really knows what I’ve been through, or been strong enough to survive at the hands of my ex. With the free Britney movement coming into full swing, the general public now has a greater idea of what most of us have know or suspected all along. Britney has a story to tell, and truthfully nobody truly knows exactly what she’s gone through, or is going through. I do know, she is a survivor, and an inspiration to myself and many others. Her music, and her story has been the soundtrack to many things in my life. The dance music to jam out to with friends, and the ballads to cry to. Swimming in the stars came out right when I was at my absolute rock bottom, and it has been a light of hope for me. It’s an escape in a way, and for me it represents an escape from my situation, and the pain I’ve endured. I hope an pray that for Britney, 2021 will be an amazing year for her where she gets out of her situation and can finally have the happiness she so deserves. And I hope for myself as well, that this could be the year things change, and I find myself again, and move past the mess I’ve livedwith for 5 years. im sorry my reply was so long, and scattered. And super personal. But I couldn’t answer a favorite Britney song thread without going into why Britney and her music means so much to me. To everyone on here, I don’t post much, but just know you all have been a ray of light for me, and I’m thankful to be a part of the community. much love Chase
  9. Definitely EPIC! Literal chills hearing new material from our girl. This song is a VIBE. Love it!!!
  10. Is there any way someone could please DM me the full song, or a link? Very excited about this! What little I have heard so far sounds great. Thanks everyone!!!
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